Saturday, January 30, 2016

Face of the Day

Stir-Crazy in the City!

As you can tell I'm going a little crazy!! I've been home since last Friday, through the Blizzard, worked from home all week, had a cold and FINALLY got a chance to get out today!! I decided before I made the leap outdoors I should polish up and pretend I hadn't been acting like a hobbit all week! I gave myself a Coconut Oil hair mask and put on a Brazened Honey Face Mask from LUSH to bring some life and color back to my head!

I'm a huge fan of Coconut oil masks, especially during the Winter. Your hair tends to be dryer and with many folks resorting to blow drying, it's even more susceptible to damage. I decided I'd go all in on the makeup game today. Here's what I used:
Brazened Honey Face Mask
Coconut oil as facial moisturizer
Urban Decay Primer Potion on the eyelids
Anastasia Beverly Hills: Taupe Pomade 
NAKED 3 Palette - Limit and Nooner in Crease to build
Dust and Strange on the lid, used with wet brush to create more metallic look
Factory, Liar and mugshot mixed in outer corner 
Revlon Liquid Liner Pen on Top Lashes
24/7 Urban Decay Black Liner on bottom waterline
Maybelline Last Stiletto mascara
Ardell Black Lash Wispies
Belletto Air Brush: Latte and Brulee Foundation
Wet n' Wild Blush: Heather Silk
NYC Bronzer: Sunny
The airbrush works WONDERS and is great for your skin. I used 5-6 drops of foundation and it covers my whole face multiple times! Leggings and black shirt are from Lularoe, I'm a HUGE fan of their Irma T's, Dresses and Leggings!! If you're interested in shopping in one of the private Facebook groups that I'm a part of, let me know and I will gladly send you an invite! I love shopping Lula because #1 it helps out my fellow women entrepreneur friends, and #2, I literally shop from my phone... I don't have to go anywhere and try anything on, and it shows up at my house a few days later... it's a beautiful thing folks!! 
I didn't bother spraying my face with any kind of sealer - with the dry weather and the airbrush, my makeup wasn't going ANYWHERE! I used all Sigma Brushes and didn't use any lip product other than chapstick! I've got 3 weddings booked already for 2016! Let me know if you're interested in booking for a wedding or special event :) 

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