Sunday, March 8, 2015

Goodies to Snag on Your Next Target Trip!

Who doesn't love Target? You can get ANYTHING you need, and even pick up things you didn't know you needed! Every weekend the man and I go on a lovely trip to Target and Harris Teeter to do our weekly shopping. I ordered an air brush machine last week because I have a few weddings I'm doing this Spring and want to start playing with different airbrush bases, so, off to the moisturizing section I went. I have combination skin, it's pretty dry/normal but a bit oily in the t-zone. For girls with very oily faces, airbrushing is a top pick...however, girls who tend to be dryer can look older when airbrushed if the proper base is not applied. After doing some research, I found that Target carried quite a few oil products that will work perfectly as an airbrush base AND hydrate my skin during the cold/ dry weather!

 The first product I picked up was an organic facial oil that evens skin tone, moisturizes and fights aging... personally, I didn't know facial oils existed... probably because normally I'd be terrified of smothering my face with oil! This lovely lightweight oil smells of rosehip and is applied by dripping 3-5 drops onto clean hands and distributing all over the face and neck. Botanics is the brand and it costs about $8! The second product is also around $8 (WIN!) and it's by another great brand, J.R. Watkins! This oil is an all over body oil mist that smells like Coconut & Honey! BEWARE... if you have animals, they will think you smell like heaven and follow after you trying to lick your legs! Within minutes of using both products my skin felt 100x better! It was soft and smooth, I smelled wonderful and was shocked as I didn't realize how dry I was! I smother myself in coco butter daily, but think this dry weather is a lot more harsh than I thought!

UPDATE! - In just a matter of days the Botanics Facial Oil has managed to work some pretty serious magic on my large pores. The pores on my nose and cheeks are nearly invisible and my breakouts and rough skin has completely vanished! The body spray has also smoothed my rough elbows and soothed razor bumps! Deeming these products as KEEPERS!

Also pictured is a really rad nail polish by Sally Hansen called Gilty Party- It's a very glittery metallic silver/copper color and I couldn't pass it up because it was on sale and I have an 
addiction to metallic nail polish! 

Also on sale was the new Venus Swirl Razor. It was about $11 and you got a free shaving cream with it as well! I came home and took an Epsom salt bath with my new razor, shaving gel, and lovely charcoal nose strip! Quite relaxing if you ask me :) - The razor is AMAZING. I've always been a Venus fan, but this one just really contours well, especially around your kneecaps and back of the knee (the area I ALWAYS accidentally cut, and then gush blood). Also the handle is a bit thicker and just feels more sturdy! -

The Biore Charcoal Pore Strips are supposed to pull 3x more gunk from your face than the regular Biore strips... I didn't get much this time around, but I'm hoping that's because I did a regular strip on Friday night! When I try these again I'll report back if these strips are a dud, generally Biore has amazing products so I'm hoping these hold true! 

Do you have any favorites from Target? What are they?!

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