Tuesday, March 10, 2015


I am a DIY freak of nature! Any project that I find cute, and realistic for me to accomplish, I WANT TO DO! This project had its moments of extreme frustration as I had no directions and every tutorial I looked at failed to mention some pretty big pointers! For example- make sure you get magnetic metal-and CHECK IT! Folks at both Home Depot AND Lowes assured me certain sheets were magnetic and they weren't, so check it out yourself. Also don't use a small hot glue gun if you're gluing the sheet onto the backing- get a larger gun, it just makes it easier! Don't get magnetic striping that you take the backing off of ... it isn't strong enough for foundations or palettes... or even most single eye shadows! 

Here's What I Bought for my Project!

Frame- Mine is huge 27 x 39 -
 Got it from Ikea for about $25 and it comes in an array of colors!

Hot Glue Gun & Glue - Got mine from Michael's for about $8

Magnets- Pack of 52- Got mine at Michael's for $8

Sheet of Galvanized Steel- Home Depot $10

Command Strips- Target $6

Yes this project was a bit pricey- but I think it's cute, durable and allows me to keep all of my favorites out without cluttering my vanity! 


I simply hot glued the steel sheet to the backing on my frame, and replaced it in the frame... I anchored the frame to the wall, using command strips for extra support on the bottom so that it doesn't budge! You can also use command strips to hold the sheet metal to the frame backing rather than gluing it. Next I hot glued magnets onto my favorite items and TA-DA- easy peasy storage! I'm thinking about covering the whole thing in fabric- just haven't found the right print yet! 

You can also find out how I organize all my products that aren't deemed "every day" products, here! What's your favorite way to Organize?

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