Friday, March 20, 2015

Belletto Airbrush Review

About a month ago I saw an awesome deal on Groupon for this lovely airbrush system by Belletto Studio, it's still available too if you are interested in taking the plunge after reading this!

I've been interested in airbrushing, but the machines have always been upwards of $100...not including the makeup! The machine applies a thin layer of liquid concealer that dries with a flawless powdery finish, perfect for doing weddings and special events! If you invest in one of these bad boys, remember that before applying any type of airbrush foundation you should be WELL moisturized- otherwise you'll end up looking like a corpse! 

Check out these Before and Afters 

The past few weeks I've been experiencing some INTENSE dryness, redness and breakouts... NOT like me at all. Redness for me is semi-normal, I've got some broken capillaries around my nose that have always been a pain... as for breakouts- maybe I'd get a few blemishes here and there.... dryness, not me at all, I've ALWAYS had an oily, as you can tell MY FACE IS WACKY RIGHT NOW! Needless to say, I was more than ecstatic when this bad boy showed up at my house!! I opened up my box and went to work!! 

Things to remember: It's important to have your hair back during the airbrush process...this way it keeps your hair from being speckled by foundation bits. The band I'm using is from my sisters company- BEAN BANDS! They have a velvet lining on the side that sits on your hair, allowing for a non-slip, painless grip! I have a funny shaped head, where the back of it is pretty flat at the base, so most of the time these types of bands do NOT stay on...Bean Bands stay on without a problem, and they don't squeeze your dome to the point of a headache (another problem I have with my big fat head!). Also they come in every glitter color under the sun, so you should totally check them out ;) at .
Other things to remember - you will want to moisturize as I mentioned before, and be sure to have the airbrush on low to medium, never high or you will end up with cake face! Remember to always hold it 3-4 inches from your face, bringing the gun closer to focus on problem spots.

I'll do a FOTD with the airbrush machine this weekend - so far it's very easy to use and clean. It's not too loud, and the coverage is weightless and even! I'll report more in my FOTD!


  1. Thank you! I really love this machine- gives me confidence, especially while going through this period of rough skin!!