Monday, January 13, 2014

Z Palette + Makeup Geek

Makeup Geek Haul
Every now and then you just need to splurge on something right...right?! A few weeks ago I decided that after filling my 1st huge MAC Palette, I needed to see what Makeup Geek shadows were all about. After checking out youtube, blogs and other makeup forums I decided I would just go ahead and get myself a palette of shadows. First of all, on the Makeup Geek site you can find these amazing palettes by Z Palette. They come in about 10 different designs depending on where you look. In order to keep things simple, I just opted for this cute zebra design that was on the Makeup Geek site! The palette is sturdy and has a clear top, which I love so I can see which colors are inside. Also, it comes with magnetic stickies to place under each pan, however, you don't need to, as the pans themselves are already magnetic.
 Here are the colors starting at the top left to right... 
Nautica, Galaxy, Graphite
 Mocha, Creme Brulee, Chickadee

Beaches & Cream, Peach Smoothie, Ice Queen
As you can see, Beaches & Cream, Peach Smoothie and Ice Queen are the lightest colors. Peach Smoothie is the lightest and you can barely see it on my hand but I know it will show more color on my lid!  Beaches and Cream is like a shimmery Peach Smoothie. Ice Queen will make for a great highlight.

All of the colors are rich and true to the online color. I can't wait to try them! 
Do you have a favorite Makeup Geek color or palette?

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