Sunday, January 5, 2014

Lipstick Love

 Earlier this week I was in search of the perfect New Years Eve lipstick to pair with my little black dress. I've never been a huge lipstick enthusiast... I have huge lips so bold colored sticks and stains tend to have to be the focal point of my "look", otherwise its just way too much going on. Also, I don't like having to reapply things throughout the day/night. Sure I'll powder my face if I'm feeling especially shiny, but I love face and eye makeup because you can set them with a spray and not have to worry about too much of a melt factor! I've tried a few 12 hour lipstick gloss combos but they never hold... or worse, only hold onto certain parts of my lips ...NOT a cute look !
Any who... I stopped by MAC and asked the gal to pick a few lipsticks she thought would go well with my skin tone.... she picked a nude, a red and this wild dark lavender color that I fell in love with. Up the Amp is the name of the is beautifully pigmented and goes great with my skin which is normally a NW20. I purchased Lip Liner in Magenta to make it a little more electrifying and topped it with Dazzle Glass in Funtabulous, a neon purple sparkly number that if you were to have told me beforehand that that's what I'd be purchasing, I may have laughed in your face!!
The combo lasted longer than expected, especially while drinking out of a straw all night! I've worn this lovely combo every day since purchasing! This combo attracts focus to my lips, but doesn't necessarily take attention away from my eyes. This is my holy grail combo!

 Whats your favorite lipstick/gloss/liner/butter/product!!! 

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