Tuesday, December 10, 2013


MAC Nocturnal Lip Gloss: Nude
You can find this and two other holiday lip gloss bundles at MAC for $32 each! The glosses are creamy and glide on with ease. The above order from Left to Right is Phiff!, Boy Bait, Over Indulgence, Richly Revered. Pfft! is a clear gloss featuring sparkles with lots of gold shimmer, a great color that can be added to any lipstick for extra umph! Boy Bait is a plain nude gloss that looks good on everyone! It can be added to bold lipsticks to tone them down or worn plain to give your lips some shine!! Over Indulgence is a warm peach with brown undertones, it looks great on top of a nude and coral lips. Richly Revered is the darkest gloss, featuring a plum brown color that looks great on top of a berry lip! I am really enjoying each of these as they go with my every day natural smokey look.
Whats your favorite MAC holiday bundle?!

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