Monday, December 23, 2013

Holiday Makeup!

Time to unveil my Holiday Face of the Day (FOTD)! I used a few new products that I've received for Christmas and I love them!! I'll mark new products below with a *! Here's my step by step for a flawless fun Holiday face...
Step 1: Facial Mask! Gel or Mud, doesn't matter. It's dry outside and your skin is taking a BEATING! Pamper it with a simple 10 minute mask to clean pores and rejuvenate. 
Step 2: Pluck, tweeze, wax, whatever. Get your brows shaped and filled in, your stach under control and banish any stray hairs!! You should do this every day, but hey, 
it's winter and we all get lazy!
Step 3: Exfoliate!!! I use my Clarisonic which I SWEAR by. It is by far one of my most important beauty tools. You can't paint on a dirty canvas, ya dig?
Step 4: Moisturize! I've been using good ol' Palmers Cocoa butta EVERYWHERE! You will smell heavenly and your skin will thank you almost immediately! 
Step 5: EYES! I did a mix of light matte colors from the Naked 3 Palette with Carbon, Swiss Chocolate and Texture by MAC in my crease. Blend. Blend.Blend and highlight under the brow with any highlight. I use Shroom by MAC.
Step 6: LINE! I line my bottom lash line with any black pencil and line my top lashes with Maybelline Lasting Drama gel Liner in blackest Black* using a Sigma E65 brush. I usually do a thick wing for Holiday looks rather than a thin line.
Step 7: Mascara!! I used Covergirl Bombshell Mascara* which I am now obsessed with! Lengthens AND thickens without flaking all day long!
Step 8: Foundation!!! I used L'Oreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder*. I don't know what kind of witchcraft sorcery this is...but I like it!
Step 9: Blush and contour: I used a random blush with my Sephora blush brush and contoured with a Sigma F05* using my trusty Sephora bronzer! 
Step 10: Lips! I mixed 2 Revlon Colorburst Lacquer Balm in Demure & Showy 
That's it!! Now if only I could figure out what to wear :) what look will you be going for?! 


  1. Your eyes are so beautiful! And I like the lip color too! I need to try those lacquer balms

  2. Thanks Aaliyah!! I lacquer balms are amazing! I went out and picked up a red today haha! Can't get enough of them!

  3. Seriously how are you always FLAWLESS? I usually do my face primer/foundation before my eyes/mascara...does it matter which you do first? Also, my face is usually a tragic mess and I use a brush to put my liquid foundation on - should I switch to sponge or something else to get the more 'airbrush' look?

    1. Awe Thanks Kel! Do your eyes first girlfriend, that way if any product falls onto your face, you can brush it off and then put foundation on over it! WOOP! I use a Sigma F80 kabuki style brush to put my foundation on, I don't like any other brushes except for stippling brushes, which are made to give you an airbrushed look, and you can actually get a really good small one by ELF at target for like $3 to try before investing in anything pricey! Otherwise I'd wash my hands and use my fingers, which are really the best applicators. I wouldn't suggest a sponge because they collect bacteria quickly. Also, if you are applying with a brush and not your fingers, make sure you wash that bitty religiously. Dirt, dust, bacteria, bathroom particles, will build up and start a whole city on your brush.. and then you'll put that junk on yo face... no bueno! I wash mine every 2 days or so with Dawn soap and a little olive oil to keep the bristles from drying out. LOVE YOU!

    2. Sweet! I swear, can't you just be my roommate so I can learn all this ish?

    3. Yep! Or you could just stop over and I can give you another makeover! I love doing that stuff!!!