Saturday, November 16, 2013

Sigma Brush Set


Sigma has recently put out three awesome brush sets that are showing up all over blogs, magazines and websites. I have a few MAC brushes and am pretty loyal to ecotools, but with all the attention Sigma continually gets, I wanted to see what all the buzz was about. My mom got me The Perfect Blend set for my Birthday this past weekend. The set is made for blending, buffing and diffusing multiple eye colors. It comes with six awesome brushes, most of which are exactly what you would expect, however a few take you by surprise! The quality of the bristles is great, they are soft and the handle is nice and strong. I have experienced no shedding and have been able to achieve a blend like never before in just a matter of seconds. 

Here's what came in my package: A free gift, a product flyer with their new winter line, a brush chart which shows all of the brushes in each of the three sets, and the brushes in a nice white box.

  The gift is a traveling blending brush of high quality, a very nice surprise!  

Here are the brushes!

 Each brush plays an important roll in creating a flawless blended look. The E48 was a brush I had never seen before, it is very similar to a few paint brushes I have painted with, but nothing I have ever blended or placed product with! I was confused at first about how to go about using it as the bristles are twice as long as all of the other brushes! After doing some research and checking out the Sigma site, plus other reviews, I finally perfected the use of this brush. Its pointed tip is used to pick up darker crease colors and places them without creating an immediate dramatic line. Swiping the product back and forth immediately blends without needing additional buffing. The E37, E38 and E39 go hand in hand in creating a seamless transition of colors while the E32 allows for perfect placement of highly pigmented colors and the E71 places highlight color that pulls any look together. The looks I have been able to create with these six brushes have turned out wonderfully, I can't wait to bring them to the next wedding/ event I do, as the time spent blending is far less than with any other brushes I have used. I would love to get the other two brush sets as well as their face sets! Each 5-6 brush set retails for anywhere between $65-$90. Although pricey, I'd say they are worth every penny!

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