Tuesday, November 26, 2013

1st Fall FOTD

Face of the Day Products:
St. Tropez Tanning Foam (face and neck, well blended)
L'Oreal True Match Lumi foundation
MAC Studio Pressed Powder
NYC Bronzer
MAC Smoulder eye liner
MAC Black Track gel liner
MAC All that Glitters eye shadow 
MAC Carbon eye shadow
MAC Texture eye shadow
MAC Cork eye shadow
Elf Brow palette
NYX Creme Brulee Lip butter
Ardell Lashes (no idea what number!)
Forever 21 Earrings ( LOVE THEM) 
 I love using St. Tropez as a base because it evens out my skin tone, which is naturally splotchy and red. I filled my eyebrows in all the way, and am obsessed with the way they look when they are done! It was scary at first (very caveman-ish), but once I put the rest of my face on, my brows pulled my whole face together and everything worked! It also helps to go around your brow with a concealer brush and really make them look crisply manicured. The elf palette I use to fill them in has both a gel and a powder. Concealer is great for erasing any of the powder that gets loose on your face! I applied my Lumi foundation with a flat kabuki brush and touched up any problem areas with a concealer brush. Once those liquids were on, I set them with a few swipes of pressed powder and went to work on contouring. I have always been a fan of liquid liner, however, lash glue often doesn't care for the kind I use, so I invested in MAC gel liner and I can't get enough....
For eyeshadow I placed All that Glitters on the lid and used the rest of the colors sparingly in the crease to create a brown/black glittery crease. Blend Blend Blend when using dark colors, especially Carbon. If you don't it will look really harsh ... and not in a neat trendy way!
Also, I can't say enough about the Sigma blending brushes I recently got, they are amazing and surprisingly dry very fast after washing, yet ANOTHER bonus! 
That's all for this look :) Pretty basic


  1. Dammit, no fair that it's sleeting outside and you look like you just came off of some tropical cruise. Gorgeous!

  2. Thanks girl! I love me the warmth of some St. Tropez :) I hate that slowly my skin is losing its color, I just look funny pale

  3. Can I just hire you to do my hair/make up every day? And force me to work out? I'm totally loving this fall look, rock it sister!

    1. Making new business cards shortly to advertise for weddings and events! I can certainly do you up every day though ;) just let me know! hahaha I've been home by myself since Monday so every day I just keep creating!