Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Falsies Review

Velour Lashes
These lashes are 100% Mink, cruelty free AND can be used up to 25 times! They run about $30 a pair, which is a GREAT deal considering most one-time use falsies range from $4-$10. The packaging is awesome, a magnetic closing box to store the lashes in so that they don't collect dust and bacteria. To clean them all you need to do is peel unwanted glue off and ta-da, you're done! You should never soak these lashes or put any type of chemical cleaner on them. It is best to leave them as product free as possible, which means NO mascara either! These lashes are sturdy and fit perfectly onto the lash line, the application was easier than any other lashes I've ever put on. I will be investing in quite a few more pairs of these. Here is how they look... 

1st Fall FOTD

Face of the Day Products:
St. Tropez Tanning Foam (face and neck, well blended)
L'Oreal True Match Lumi foundation
MAC Studio Pressed Powder
NYC Bronzer
MAC Smoulder eye liner
MAC Black Track gel liner
MAC All that Glitters eye shadow 
MAC Carbon eye shadow
MAC Texture eye shadow
MAC Cork eye shadow
Elf Brow palette
NYX Creme Brulee Lip butter
Ardell Lashes (no idea what number!)
Forever 21 Earrings ( LOVE THEM) 
 I love using St. Tropez as a base because it evens out my skin tone, which is naturally splotchy and red. I filled my eyebrows in all the way, and am obsessed with the way they look when they are done! It was scary at first (very caveman-ish), but once I put the rest of my face on, my brows pulled my whole face together and everything worked! It also helps to go around your brow with a concealer brush and really make them look crisply manicured. The elf palette I use to fill them in has both a gel and a powder. Concealer is great for erasing any of the powder that gets loose on your face! I applied my Lumi foundation with a flat kabuki brush and touched up any problem areas with a concealer brush. Once those liquids were on, I set them with a few swipes of pressed powder and went to work on contouring. I have always been a fan of liquid liner, however, lash glue often doesn't care for the kind I use, so I invested in MAC gel liner and I can't get enough....
For eyeshadow I placed All that Glitters on the lid and used the rest of the colors sparingly in the crease to create a brown/black glittery crease. Blend Blend Blend when using dark colors, especially Carbon. If you don't it will look really harsh ... and not in a neat trendy way!
Also, I can't say enough about the Sigma blending brushes I recently got, they are amazing and surprisingly dry very fast after washing, yet ANOTHER bonus! 
That's all for this look :) Pretty basic

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Sigma Brush Set


Sigma has recently put out three awesome brush sets that are showing up all over blogs, magazines and websites. I have a few MAC brushes and am pretty loyal to ecotools, but with all the attention Sigma continually gets, I wanted to see what all the buzz was about. My mom got me The Perfect Blend set for my Birthday this past weekend. The set is made for blending, buffing and diffusing multiple eye colors. It comes with six awesome brushes, most of which are exactly what you would expect, however a few take you by surprise! The quality of the bristles is great, they are soft and the handle is nice and strong. I have experienced no shedding and have been able to achieve a blend like never before in just a matter of seconds. 

Here's what came in my package: A free gift, a product flyer with their new winter line, a brush chart which shows all of the brushes in each of the three sets, and the brushes in a nice white box.

  The gift is a traveling blending brush of high quality, a very nice surprise!  

Here are the brushes!

 Each brush plays an important roll in creating a flawless blended look. The E48 was a brush I had never seen before, it is very similar to a few paint brushes I have painted with, but nothing I have ever blended or placed product with! I was confused at first about how to go about using it as the bristles are twice as long as all of the other brushes! After doing some research and checking out the Sigma site, plus other reviews, I finally perfected the use of this brush. Its pointed tip is used to pick up darker crease colors and places them without creating an immediate dramatic line. Swiping the product back and forth immediately blends without needing additional buffing. The E37, E38 and E39 go hand in hand in creating a seamless transition of colors while the E32 allows for perfect placement of highly pigmented colors and the E71 places highlight color that pulls any look together. The looks I have been able to create with these six brushes have turned out wonderfully, I can't wait to bring them to the next wedding/ event I do, as the time spent blending is far less than with any other brushes I have used. I would love to get the other two brush sets as well as their face sets! Each 5-6 brush set retails for anywhere between $65-$90. Although pricey, I'd say they are worth every penny!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Brush Cleaning 101

New and Improved Routine!
Howdy! Last year I did a blog about my old brush cleaning routine. I used that method for quite some time, but as I started investing in higher quality brushes I discovered I needed a different way. After lots of researching I found what I believe is the most effective way to clean and condition brushes in the least amount of time! The other great thing is that you don't need to go buy a fancy brush shampoo, you probably have all the supplies right in your kitchen! 

Here's what you need:
A plate of some sort
Olive Oil
Dish Soap
Dirty Brushes
Warm Water
Green Tea optional :)

Step 1: Squirt dish soap on half of the plate
 Step 2. Pour Olive Oil on the other half

If you have 15+ brushes to clean, it's going to look something like this. Use less if you have only a few brushes to clean off!

Step 3. Gather the brushes that you want to wash!
Step 4: Take a brush and dip it into both sides of the plate so that it is coated with soap and oil.
Step 5: Swirl around your soap and oil covered brush on the palm of your hand. This is a painters method that is used to get hard to clean oil paints out of brushes. Continue swirling until color begins leaving the brush, then rinse with warm water. 

Steps 3,4 & 5 are pictures below!

 Step 6: Once rinsed thoroughly, pat dry with a clean towel and examine for any left over color. My brush has a white tint to the bristles rather than the pinky purple one it started out with. Now I can move to the next step! If you still spot color, give it another swirl in the mixture, don't be afraid to be generous!
Step 7: Find a fitted brush cover and slide it from the bottom of the brush, to the top of the brush. These covers help keep the bristles from collecting dust or other dirty particles, they also are used to keep excess water from weakening the glue  inside of your brush. You never want to let your brushes dry flat on the counter, water can still be trapped inside. Instead you want to dry the brush upside down!
Step 8: Find a nice dry cup and place your brushes upside down in the cup, allowing water to leak out instead of expanding the glue and wood inside your brush!  

Steps 6,7,& 8 are pictured below!
TADA! That's it! Your brushes are now germ free, product free and conditioned thanks to the soap and oil! Give them a few hours to dry and remember to do this frequently!! It is very important to wash out stippling brushes or anything that you use for foundation or eyeliner, as those products tend to be liquid and can horde more bacteria. How do you clean your brushes?! Let me know what you think of this method if you give it a shot!! Cheers <3