Sunday, September 8, 2013

Budget vs Big Buy Facial Primers

QUIK NOTE: Sorry I've been away for a few weeks, school just started and I'm teaching six different subjects PLUS driving my kids to and from school plus helping my sister grow her business by creating product for her plus doing Insanity with Kevin...things have been a little hectic! I'm ironing out time in my schedule to make sure my favorite thing ever (blogging) doesn't get sacrificed, hopefully I can at least blog on Sunday mornings!
Monistat vs Smashbox
You guys saw this photo in my last post where I said that wearing a primer is one of my 5 rules of thumb for makeup. I love, love, love, Smashbox, I've been using it for as long as I can remember for special occasions while dabbling in cheaper products to use for every day wear. A bottle of Smashbox is $36, a pretty steep price for a primer. However it has 5 star ratings on nearly every review site, so to some the price is no biggie.
After going through countless other primers, I noticed that none felt quite as silky as Smashbox, if they did they melted off within a few hours. This summer I ran out of my Smashbox, as a teacher my bank account is hurting during those summer months, so I started looking up dupes and came across Monistat Chafing Relief Powder Gel. I felt a little silly putting hoo-ha cream on my face, but there are countless reviews, ratings and testimonials PRAISING Monistat, so with its $6 price tag, I had to try it!
Monistat Chafing Relief Powder Gel has almost exactly the same ingredients as Smashbox Photo Finish, however, Smashbox has more additives. The textures are truly exactly the same and the Monistat also does not clog pores. I wanted to use this for a few weeks before posting a review, to make sure the switch is truly worth it, and I am SO happy to report that I will never again pay $36 for an amazing primer! The Monistat really is a true dupe, so quit wasting your hard earned money and head to your local drug store for a bottle for Monistat :) Have you made the switch yet?

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