Friday, August 9, 2013


FOTD: Staycation Edition
This morning the weather was quite lovely just long enough for us to get some errands done ( yay) but the entire week has been filled with scattered t-storms. Around 2 it started pouring...thunder, lighting, the whole sha-bang. We are about to start our 2nd week of  "vacation" from school, however, it's more like a "staycation". Today's FOTD is in preparation for my next vacation. I have no idea when it will be, but I do know it will be somewhere hot, and beautiful where it doesn't storm all week, and my margarita glass is never empty :)
In this look I used the Smokey Eye Palette from Coastal Scents. It's full of amazing vibrant colors which most folks wouldn't expect to find in a "smokey" palette. I used just about every blue in the palette on my crease, and a bit on my lid, along with a pearly light pink. I then took the lime green color from the palette and lightly lined my bottom lashes to help make my eyes pop. I used a highlight under my brows and above my blush. I chose a deeper bronzer to contour with to give my look a tropical feel ( I really needed to escape from this weather)! I swept bronzer under my jaw line and around my hairline as well, in order to warm up my face and give it a bit more dimension. Please remember to contour, especially if you use MAC foundations and powders like I do. Without contouring after using those products, your face will be flat. Accentuate your features, it's fun! Last step was to add lip gloss (Greek Holiday by NARS) and throw on some funky earrings!
My fiancĂ© is a great photographer, he's the "read the directions" type, and I'm the "try it till it works" type, so naturally he's better with the camera and all it's fancy buttons. He was sweet enough to take these pictures and I think he's going to have to keep doing it from now on :) - time to relax on "staycation"!


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