Sunday, August 18, 2013

Professional Makeup

Makeup for the Office
"Dress for the job you want, not the job you have" is probably my favorite professional quote. In my opinion this can be read as " Apply your makeup for the job you want, not the job you have" as well! Ever see someone come for an interview dressed like a lady of the night, or a circus performer? I know I have! There are a few general rules for a "professional" long lasting look. Depending on your field some rules can certainly vary!

Here are my 5 rules of thumb for
 office worthy makeup

1. Stay natural: Use natural tones that compliment your skin. I use a lot of browns and plums. Brown gives my skin dimension and allows me to contour the crease without being too loud, and plums bring out the green in my Hazel eyes.

2. Always use a primer: Primer helps your makeup stay put, all day, no matter what. It also aides in facial makeup application. Foundations and concealers will go on much smoother and stay put longer! Yes, I use Hoo-Ha cream as a primer...I will tell you why in a post this week :)
3. If using eye makeup use an eyelid primer: Eye primers help every color in your look stay put and keep their true color. They are also great for covering any natural lid color you may have. Many people have darker lids, or broken capillaries across the lid. Primer will create a clean palette for your shadows, I love Primer Potion by Urban Decay.
4. When lining, use a liquid liner: Liquid liner stays on longer than a pencil, and doesn't rub or melt off. Pencils have a tendency to smudge and run, nobody enjoys raccoon eyes, and you wont be running back and forth to the rest room to touch up! Liquid also provides a nice clean line, especially L'Oreal Intense Felt Tip Liner Pen.
5. Use a Setting Spray: Setting Spray is extra insurance for your makeup. After I've completed my look for the day, I spritz on Setting Spray which keeps everything in tact! I use All Nighter for Weddings and Special events, but NYX for my every day personal use. Stay tuned for reviews on both of these !

Friday, August 16, 2013

Treat Yo Self

Face Mask Review
Who doesn't love a good face mask? I've been doing masks for ages, and have tried everything from the single gel mask packets at walmart, to high end clay masks.  I have been on a mission lately to find little luxuries for cheap. Being teachers with the summers off leaves us on a tight budget, so I've got to be extra thrifty and put my shopping addiction to the least the expensive part! I found these bottles at ULTA, they were buy 1 get 1 free and on sale for only $2.99 each!
The Freeman brand makes gel peel masks as well, but I'm not into those as much. I love the intense clean of a clay mask, the way your skin gets tight and you can hardly talk when its completely dry! It makes me feel like its actually working.
Avocado & Oatmeal:  Claims to "purge pores". I did notice my pores looked smaller afterwards, so it definitely cleaned them out. The clay did that great skin tightening suction thing that I love so much, and took about 15 minutes to really dry. I like to cake this stuff on, so I look crazy and can scare Kevin :) Overall, the mask was great, it didn't have a strong odor, which some can surely have, it came off quickly with a bit of warm water. I give it a 10/10 
 Mint & Lemon: Claims to be a "deep pore cleanser". It smells heavenly and it hurts to smile, which means its doing that suction, skin tightening thing ( HORRAY) !! It dries at the same rate of the Avocado & Oatmeal mask which I love, and its fresh calming scent makes waiting seem like a pampering spa experience. I have been breaking out pretty badly the past few days so hopefully this will clear it all up! 10/10
If you wake up with a pimple, or notice one forming, put a nice dab of any clay mask on top. It will suck the oils out and dry up the blemish. This trick has saved me many times! Unfortunately, this last breakout was due to an allergic reaction, but I think these masks are going to work their magic in clearing it all up for me :)

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Sugarpill's Sweetheart Palette!
My Face of the Day was created by using my Sweetheart Palette by Sugarpill. I've missed using these wacky, bright, super fun colors, so I brought em back out and figure I'll use them over the next few days before I have to head back into work! The Sweetheart palette features four highly pigmented powdered shadows that can be applied both dry and wet. I apply wet as you pick up a bit more color and it transfers well from brush to lid. The four colors, are blue (Afterparty), green (Midori), pink (Dollipop) and white (Tako).
 Here's what I did
1.I primed my lid with UD Primer Potion and added a base of NYX white shadow base. Then I waited a few minutes for it to dry so that I could add the shadow!
2. I tapped a stiff shadow brush into saline solution, and picked up Midori. I patted Midori across my lid, keeping it out of my crease.
3. I went into the crease lightly with Afterparty, and blended out to the corners, carrying it down to my bottom lash line.
4. Blend Blend Blend, Midori and Afterparty together!
5. Add Dollipop to inner corner of bottom lash line, connecting it to the Afterparty that was brought down in step 2.
6. Line lids with green liquid liner
7. Apply falsies
8. Line waterline with smolder from MAC
9. Apply foundation
10. Contour your face :)
Lastly, party like a rockstar!! As you can see, Sugarpill products pick up very well when being photographed. They are rich and awesome and very fun to use, you can buy them right here !

Do you have any Sugarpill products?! If so, which are your favorite?!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Palette Favorites

My Everyday Palette
I refer to this palette in probably 80% of my posts, so I thought I would do an entire post on it! You can buy it right here! It's only $12.99 and Coastal Scents usually runs fantastic sales so you can even get it for a few bucks cheaper if you're ok with waiting! The colors are amazing, the palette is magnetic and the pods of course are metal so that you can rearrange and replace colors as needed! Here are the twelve fantastically pigmented, fun, fall themed colors... I shot a picture from each side of the palette so you could get a good idea of the colors near the flash and further from the flash.
The two light colors (which I have placed next to each other) are called Chamois Nude and Light Apricot. I use Light Apricot as a base in most of my every day looks, and Chamois Nude as a highlight. The palette is full of mostly metallic and shimmery colors. Chamois Nude is the only matte shadow. All of them can be applied wet or dry, and none of them have too much shimmer or glitter. They remind me of Shimmer Cubes from the Body Shop, however, there is more product, more colors to choose from and its a heck of a lot cheaper! Coastal Scents offers palettes for all eye colors, seasons and skin tones. If browns aren't your cup of tea, make sure you check out the rest of their palettes! I'm positive you will find something you absolutely love! I use the Smokey Eye Palette, the Blush Too Palette and the Eclipse Concealer Palette all of which I highly recommend!


Sunday, August 11, 2013


Birthday Party Face of the Day (FOTD)
Yesterday a few of our amazing friends came down from Philly to celebrate Kevin's 27th Birthday! The day was filled with horseshoes, Cards Against Humanity, margaritas, beer and plenty of delicious food!
For my face of the day I wanted to try a different primer. I have heard that using Milk of Magnesia takes shine away from oily faces ( such as mine), so I picked up a bottle at the grocery store and gave it a whirl. First I moisturized with a bit of my favorite coconut oil ( I know I know, you probably think I'm crazy for having oily skin and applying oil for moisturizer. Coconut Oil actually does not clog pores and acts as a great, long lasting moisturizer for your entire body. It's got wonderful benefits, is cheap, and smells heavenly). After the coconut oil was absorbed, I put on a bit of my St. Tropez foam bronzer, helped it dry with my blow dryer, and then dabbed on the Milk of Magnesia (MoM) with a triangle sponge applicator. Make sure you shake the MoM well, and don't apply too much or your face will turn chalky. I went in downward strokes starting from my forehead, making sure to layer any part of my face and neck that I apply foundation. MoM dries pretty quickly, which is great because you can go right into
 concealing and applying foundation.
For my eyes I used a light gold MAC loose pigment all over the lid and up to the brow bone. I worked Cork and Satin Taupe into the crease, and cut the crease a bit with the black color in my Fall Festival Palette from Coastal Scents. After blending with a fluffy brush, I lined my lashes with liquid black liner, applied False Fiber Lash Mascara and did my eyebrows.
When filling in your eyebrows, go against the grain ( the opposite way that your hair grows). I use an angled brush and brow powder to fill mine in. By going against the grain it helps the filler look more natural. You also always want to make sure to brush your brows after applying filler, otherwise you will end up looking like a cartoon character with drawn on brows!!
For finishing touches, I applied blush, bronzer and highlighter to my cheeks, nose, forehead and chin to create definition. I also used a bit of lipstick ( something I don't normally do) and a bit of Greek Holiday lip gloss by NARS.
Again, Kevin took these pictures :) So I made him take one with me! Happy almost Birthday Bubba, you don't look too bad for such an old man<3

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Friday, August 9, 2013


FOTD: Staycation Edition
This morning the weather was quite lovely just long enough for us to get some errands done ( yay) but the entire week has been filled with scattered t-storms. Around 2 it started pouring...thunder, lighting, the whole sha-bang. We are about to start our 2nd week of  "vacation" from school, however, it's more like a "staycation". Today's FOTD is in preparation for my next vacation. I have no idea when it will be, but I do know it will be somewhere hot, and beautiful where it doesn't storm all week, and my margarita glass is never empty :)
In this look I used the Smokey Eye Palette from Coastal Scents. It's full of amazing vibrant colors which most folks wouldn't expect to find in a "smokey" palette. I used just about every blue in the palette on my crease, and a bit on my lid, along with a pearly light pink. I then took the lime green color from the palette and lightly lined my bottom lashes to help make my eyes pop. I used a highlight under my brows and above my blush. I chose a deeper bronzer to contour with to give my look a tropical feel ( I really needed to escape from this weather)! I swept bronzer under my jaw line and around my hairline as well, in order to warm up my face and give it a bit more dimension. Please remember to contour, especially if you use MAC foundations and powders like I do. Without contouring after using those products, your face will be flat. Accentuate your features, it's fun! Last step was to add lip gloss (Greek Holiday by NARS) and throw on some funky earrings!
My fiancĂ© is a great photographer, he's the "read the directions" type, and I'm the "try it till it works" type, so naturally he's better with the camera and all it's fancy buttons. He was sweet enough to take these pictures and I think he's going to have to keep doing it from now on :) - time to relax on "staycation"!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Kirsten's Wedding!

Kirsten & Randy Get Married!
Kirsten and Randy got married in downtown Frederick, Maryland in a beautiful church in mid July. Kirsten, an old high school friend of mine, asked earlier this summer if I was available to do makeup for her wedding, of course I said yes, and she has been kind enough to allow me to use the pictures from that day! Kirsten's family and bridesmaids were amazing, there wasn't an ounce of anxiety or nerves during the entire time I was with them. Each girl helped wherever possible, making the two hours before she walked down the aisle, as stress free as possible! It was a pleasure to work with all of you and I hope you enjoyed having your makeup done :)
Working on her eyes, she opted for a natural look, nothing too shocking as she wears minimal makeup normally. I loved this on her as it looked formal, but not over the top.
Foundation while her bridesmaids help let her curls down!
She was all smiles all morning! I hope I am as relaxed and ready on my wedding day!
Lips and final touches! Next was time to get her in that dress!
I did makeup for each of these lovely gals and am so grateful to have worked with such a wonderful bunch! Each girl either let me do my own thing, or gave me an idea of what they wanted. The dresses and flowers are beautiful and I love seeing such genuine smiles on their faces! Cheers ladies!
One last picture of the ladies, for good luck!
Kirsten, I wish you and Randy many years of health and happiness. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to be part of your big day!
NOTE: Photos by Hans and Nicole Photography