Tuesday, July 23, 2013

How to make a comfy spot for Client Trials!

Client Room

Today I had my first in-home bridal trial! Usually I'd go to them, or we would meet at the place we would be meeting before the wedding  / event. I was asked late last week to take over this client through another Artist that I worked with in June. They had already arranged a trial for today (Tuesday), so I went to work prepping our second room as a client room to keep our Bride on schedule! I've been wanting to do this since I've been doing a lot of before and afters for the blog so, needless to say, I was excited to have a push to do it :)
Here's what I did:
1. Spiced up the ole futon! I dressed her up and made her a couch with a few decorative pillows and a funky piece of wall art to accent. This is a sort of lounge area of any guest who may be accompanying my lovely clients.

2. Next, I created a "me" space. Picture this : my cards are out, one of my favorite candles is lit, and my phone is plugged in with a little John Mayer Pandora on :) these all help me get in my zone (yes, even the cards)!
3. Lay out the products. I was told upon getting the client that she would like something with golds and purples. So, I got out all of my palettes and shadows that catered to that specific look. I also got out all the base wear, foundation, concealer, blush, bronzer, lip stick/ gloss, mascara, and of course, clean tools!
Here's how it looked when they arrived!

After a few hours of trying different depths of shadow, two sets of false eyelashes, and multiple pictures, we were able to mentally create a list of things that were a GO and things that were just not gonna work! I can't wait for her to come back over and try a few more things out so that we can create her perfect wedding look for her big day!!

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