Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Nude Smokey Eye

More Bridal Trials
As the Wedding I am working this Saturday approaches, I am getting more and more excited to try new subtle looks on myself and see how they react to the camera flash!
I know the bride wants a nude, natural look which can be tricky to photograph when a flash is being used. The picture below on the left is of my normal daytime nude smokey eye... the picture on the right is a picture of a nude smokey eye that is played up in order to photograph properly! Notice the difference in the crease color. I had to use a nude color 4 -5 x deeper than my skin tone in order for the camera flash to capture the effect!

When a nude/ natural look is being used on the eyes, it is extremely important to play up the face and lips. Illuminating powder should be used on the apples of the cheeks on top of blush, as well as on the temples, nose and cupids bow. Illuminating powder helps your look from looking "flat" while being photographed. Contouring your face will also help, so chisel away! Also, even if you are a "no lip color" person such as myself, you NEED to get over it for the day, or else you will have invisible lip syndrome and be very very upset that you didn't listen to me! I don't usually do lipstick, I'm more of a chapstick person. Lip color is just too much on my huge lips, it throws people off, and Kevin hates it. However, although you can tell in the below pictures that I am wearing lip color, it isn't too much because the flash takes away a lot of the intensity. Please enjoy these silly pictures and remember this tips upon being photographed :) Good Luck!


  1. Is there a look you CAN'T pull off? No.

    Gorgeous as always!

    1. Thanks Kel! I hope I never come across a look I can't do. There have been many the fist time around that I just could NOT do, but after some practice you start to play around until you get it just right! That's my favorite part!