Sunday, July 28, 2013

New Mascara!

Clump Crusher
Clump Crusher mascara was another product I received after doing the Fashion Show. It's bright green packaging gives it a fun summer feel, and the name makes a huge claim! No one likes clumpy lashes, but in order to get the volume we often want,
clumps are the price we pay from product build up for lash length.
Here is what the packaging looks like so that you can easily spot it in stores:
I rarely stray from my False Fiber Lashes mascara, but you can't pass up trying something free! Surprisingly I really love this mascara! It didn't flake all day, went on smooth and really did crush any clumpage! I love to layer my mascara. Seriously, coat after coat until I have every lash covered in product. After I know my lashes are covered, I do one or two  of what I call "shakey swipes" to try and separate the lashes as much as possible. The wand on Clump Crusher allows me to skip that step all together and have lovely evenly
 spaced lashes in less time than my old mascara.
  Here is a picture of product on one eye, and nothing on the other, check out the difference!
As of now, I would recommend this mascara, but I've only worn it once. I'll be wearing it all week to see if any clumping, drying or flaking occurs and will be back with an update if it fails me :) What's your favorite mascara?


  1. Have you tried Lancome's Oscillating mascara? You KNOW I don't wear make up much, but I ALWAYS use this mascara. In fact, I refuse to go back to anything else. It's obviously a little pricier - but to me it's worth it. It makes my eyelashes so long they actually hit my glasses! (A problem frankly I like having haha).

    I love this find though - cheaper (and just as great) versions at drugstores are awesome, and sometimes hard to find. You rock those lashes girl!

    PS - play date soon!?

    1. Hey! I haven't tried that but it sounds like I'm going to have to run out and get it! I am a huge fan of lashes on the glasses and/or touching my eyebrows. This is a great mascara for a low key look. I still love my false fiber lashes but this is good for the "no makeup" Stephanie days! COME OVA TO PLAY!

    2. giiiirl me and my wine glass are readyy!