Monday, July 22, 2013

How to Contour!

Contouring 101
There are two things that frighten me in this world... 
  and this....
 Ok, Ok there are a few things that are a bit scarier, but really though...
Lindsay has left the house without BLENDING the pound of bronzer on her cheeks. There are two things wrong with that. #1, she didn't blend. #2, the bronzer is on her CHEEKS! The angle is so high that there is zero room for blush allowing for zero contouring. It looks like someone took a brown bar of chalk and smeared it along her face. Do NOT make this mistake, and if your friends let you walk around like that, they aren't friends! If you know someone who does this, stop it, STOP IT NOW!! Have the talk, lightly suggest blending, or in a motherly way, blend that smudge out for them upon seeing them. They will appreciate it, and/or get the hint!
Now, home girl #2 looks likes she got punched in both cheeks. DON'T leave your home looking like you got punched in both cheeks! The blush belongs one place, and one place only, the apples of your cheeks! Not from the apples of your cheeks to the beginning of your ears! I REPEAT, do not pull your blush out to the edge of your face. It will turn out like Christina up there, and you will either look like you got punched in both cheeks, or like you love having a big red stripe across your face (aka a crazy person).
As a side note, I love both of these girls, breakdowns and all, but they have so many better looks to attempt to copy ;)
Here's how you can contour properly
1. Blush goes (again) on the apples of your cheeks. Where are those? should see one lump that has formed under each eye. If your "lumps" aren't very big just dot a bit of blush on the center of the bulge and blend well.
* Please note, each time I tell you to blend, I mean really blend. I don't want to be able to tell exactly where the blush begins and your natural skin color is, they should become one, gradual, well blended, beautiful, glowy color *
2. Bronzer is what I most often use for contouring. I suck my cheeks in, and swipe a small amount of bronzer into the angle created by sucking my cheeks in. Look at the picture above, make sure your bronzer is at an angle! Remember, we don't want the Christina stripe in brown! I also rub a tiny amount on my temples, and blend into my hairline. Now: blend, blend, blend, EVERYWHERE! I use a small amount at first, and always check with natural light to see if I need a bit more. Natural light will help show you the true color, the one everyone will see when you are out in the world! Use it, it's free and never lies!
3. Illuminator is one of my favorite products! I use this lightly on my T-zone and cupids bow to create more definition to my face. With my face shaped by the shading of bronzer and blush, Illuminator acts as a great contrast. I use illuminator in a powder form, but there are some that come in creams and gels as well.
There you have it! Make sure you are blending ( I can't stress this enough) and these simple directions should help tremendously!


  1. OMG I can't stop laughing. "and if your friends let you walk around like that, they aren't friends! If you know someone who does this, stop it, STOP IT NOW!! Have the talk, lightly suggest blending, or in a motherly way, blend that smudge out for them upon seeing them." I would like to add - run up to them with a smudge applicator thing and just blend then run. We'll call it the blend-n-run. Coming to a local mall/park/street/school/work near you.

    And "I love both girls, breakdowns and all" dead. just dead.

    In all seriousness, this is probably the BEST thing Lindsay Lohan has done in the past several years hahaha. Gosh I love you!

    1. I thought you would like that ;)! I love both of them, but you are right, this is probably the best thing ole' Lindsay has done in the past several years. Don't even get me started on Bynes!!

      Your blog is amazing and I'm going to tweet about it right now, everyone deserves to know how to make a caramel cinnamon ice cream apple! NOMNOMNOM!! Making my green breakfast smoothie look like rabbit food!

    2. Um, no we neeeed to start on Bynes, how on earth did she fall apart? I mean, she was in a movie with Channing Tatum. I would NEVER retire from a career like that, let alone turn cray cray.

      You are the best friend ever, thank you!!!!! And please, your gorgeous skin is why I need green smoothies. I'm calling a derm today it's so ridiculous.

  2. LOVE this post!!! Im your new follower, would love if you check out my blog..Lets follow eachother! :)