Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Healthy Smoothie!

Green Goodness
 I always post ways to make you look great by using products, but today we are going to talk about a way you can get great skin and feel wonderful by putting good things into your body!
Recently I've been making smoothies for breakfast and/or lunch replacements. After about a week I have to say that I feel pretty great. I have more energy, and don't feel bad after one of these "replacements". I also feel way less bloated and all around heavy, and I'm full for a very long time after one of these bad boys!
Here's the before picture of my delicious healthy blend
Lean Green Day Conquering Machine Smoothie
1 handful of frozen peaches ( 5 slices or so, equivalent to 1 small peach)
1/4 cup of yogurt ( Greek strawberry banana or Yoplait smooth style strawberry banana)
1 cup organic all natural 100% apple juice
1 handful of spinach leaves (nix the stems)
1 medium sized banana
1 packet of Truvia
5-6 ice cubes
Here is the final product Picture:
This smoothie is delightful and gives you a healthy heaping of everything you need to kick-start your body, bright and early! Along with the smoothies I've been tracking my water intake and am trying to get as close to 10 glasses of water as possible.
What do you do to feel good!? Do you have a favorite supplement, shake or smoothie?

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