Thursday, July 4, 2013

Gettin Festive for the Fourth!

Here's the look I'll be sporting to show my Love for my country, if you like it, read along and find out what I used and how I achieved this look :)
As you can see, I went for blue and white eyes and red lips. I'll take you from start to finish
1. Start with a nice clean face. Right out of the shower, I apply Jergens Skin Firming lotion ALL over, including my face and neck. This lotion smells lovely and moisturizes all day long. Make sure you moisturize, and of course, if you will be outside, smear on that sunscreen!
2. While your moisturizer is setting/ drying, gather your products! I decided beforehand what look I would be achieving, so I went to my handy dandy cart  o' makeup and pulled out my best white and blue products! I also of course used my Kryolan Aquacolor, in white. Check it out here!
3. Paint your lid with Kyrolan Aquacolor. Once it dries pat on any type of white eye shadow you have, I used Tako by Sugarpill. Make sure the white is EVERYWHERE! This is going to be the base of the whole look.
4. Take any blue you have and run it in the crease. BLEND! Next, you want to smoke it out a bit by connecting the crease to the lower lash line by making a < or > shape, depending on which side you are working on. Blend.Blend.Blend!
5. Take any kind of black eyeliner and line your top lid, getting as close as possible to your lash line. This is ESPECIALLY important if you will be using false lashes. Once the top is done, go ahead and line the bottom waterline. 
6. Since darker colors are very apparent when fallout has occurred, you are going to want to take a fluffy brush and go back over the inner corner of your eyes with white, to keep that area nice and bright!  
7. Time for foundation! Take your every day foundation and apply as normal. I recently purchased HD powder by e.l.f for a whopping $6, and brushed that over my foundation to keep it in place. You can also contour your face with bronzer and apply blush. *tip: when using a matte finishing powder you always want to use a highlight overtop to keep your face from looking flat*
8. Time for the lips! Line those puppies with any red liner you have, and apply your red lipstick! If your lipstick doesn't have any shine to it, apply a clear coat on top OR a red gloss!!
TADA! There you have it! If you want curls, dry your hair with a defuser, straighten out the top 3 inches or so, near your roots. Curl the rest with a curling wand, start the curl 3 inches from the root so that the top of your hair is still straight. I separate my hair into three tiers, and section those tiers into about 4, 2 inch pieces. After your whole head is curled, turn your locks upside down and give em a good shake! Finish with a spritz of hairspray and a shiny gloss spray :) Tie up with bandana and you're good to go!
Have a Happy, Safe 4th of July! 

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