Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Essie Polish

Nail Design
Lately I haven't been into 1 color designs. I like to wear one different color on a finger on each hand, or place a cool geometric design on a finger.
Lasts week I used tape to tape off a design for each ring finger. I painted first with a Navy color by Zoya, called Natty . After my nails were dry I took strips of tape and created my design across my nail. When placing the tape strips you need to make sure you press extra hard otherwise the top color will seep underneath and leave you sad because you don't have a crisp line! I then painted with Mint Candy Apple by Essie, let it dry, and carefully pealed away the tape.
 Here's how it came out! A little sharp angled heart :)

My next look is with Tart Deco and Set in Stones by Essie. I used Tart Deco on all of my fingers except my ring fingers, on which I used Set in Stones. Set in Stones is a very, very, very, sparkly color that you really only need 2-3 layers to make your finger look like it IS a huge diamond. I love this polish, but it is NOT fun to take off, hence why I only use it on two fingers!
I always use Double Duty by Sally Hansen as a base AND top coat which keeps my polish on perfectly for at least a week! Invest in this stuff, its really only $3 a bottle!
How do you like to do your nails?!

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