Sunday, July 7, 2013

Bestie Makeovers: Before and Afters!

Kristine and I instantly became friends upon meeting. We both worked our butts off at a local coffee house and pushed each other to do well in the classes we shared together. We both are loud, energetic and constantly smiling, so naturally whenever she is around, I know a good time is to be had! We grew up and went to Towson together and now live 15 minutes apart :) there have been times when we haven't spoken for months, but it's never stopped us from picking right back up where we left off and filling each other in on our life's adventures! Finally being so close to me again, she agreed to let me practice on her for an upcoming wedding I'll be doing, here's how it all went down!

Here is her buck naked before picture!

As you can see, she's got great freckled skin, a cute button nose and a great smile! Making her even prettier was going to be a toughy! She's always worn heavy mascara on her amazingly long lashes (swoon) and I rarely see her without makeup, so it was interesting to get to play her up in a different way.
First, we started with a fresh clean face that we primed to prepare for the major makeup. I also concealed her lids, under eyes and mouth area, as those areas have the most redness/ visible veins on our face.
I went with a very soft brown smokey eye that I layered just about every brown shadow I could find onto, and then cut the crease with a bit of black. After some black liner on the top and bottom lashes and three coats of mascara, her eyes were done!
For her face I used true match foundation all over and set it with e.l.f. HD powder. It is very important when you have a lighter skin tone and freckles to blend your foundation down into your neck. You also don't want to completely cover your freckles, let em' show, otherwise you can get a cakey look. I contoured her face with concealer that was a few shades deeper than her regular skin tone, along with bronzing powder and a fluffy brush.
The final touches included filling her eyebrows with a light brown powder brow filler and going over the apples of her cheeks, forehead, chin and eyes with illuminating powder. I topped off the makeup by gaving her a light lip color to keep the attention on her eyes!
Lastly, she was going out on a date and mentioned never being able to curl her hair, so with the help of a wand, I gave this baby some bomb curls that held for her all night despite the 100 degree weather! YAY! :)
Here is the after picture!

Kristine, my love, I am so happy you let me get you dolled up for your date. You are a babe and I hope you let me continue to try new ideas on you :) I love you!!

More pictures from our session!


  1. Girl I didn't even know it was possible to make Kristine prettier. You are phenomenal - I can't wait to see how the bridal party looks. Love this look, you and Kristine :)

  2. Girl, you both were a freaking challenge! Had to think outside the box for both of ya! I hope you loved what I did to you today and that you left feeling like superwoman, cuz I thought you looked hawt! ;)LOVE YOU!

    1. I had so many compliments you wouldn't even believe it (even my mom liked it - challenge defeated!), but my most favorite part - besides my kickass curls - was seeing you! And Dewey. And Tuna. And Kev.

      Thanks for being a rockstar! :)

  3. Thanks for not judging my mess of a house! The dogs have taken over, and princess Tuna gets whatever she wants...king Dewey doesn't ask for much but his sister is a mess! I'm glad your mom approved, that could have been devastating!!! Thanks for being so easy to work on :) and being freaking awesome!