Sunday, July 7, 2013

Bestie Makeover : Before & Afters Part II

Kelly is yet another dear friend! We've been close since before I can remember and have been known for spontaneously jumping in a car and heading to WV to gamble, only to spend our winnings at the McDonalds across the street! Oh, those were the days! This girl giggles more than anyone I've ever met, and I absolutely love her for it! She also is one tough cookie, and I like a girl who isn't afraid to be herself. Again, she is yet another friend of mine with a strong personality,haha!! This morning she agreed to drive her happy little butt down to Baltimore and let me do her up before going to a family get-together with her boyfriend.
Here is Kelly's buck naked before face!
As you can see, Kelly is a babe. She is lucky enough to have beautiful silky hair, gorgeous eyes and those eyebrows that just don't seem to need any maintenance! I was SO excited to get to play with her face because she rarely wears eye makeup. This was going to be FUN!
First, I added moisturizer to her face, she has dry skin which can make concealing and placing foundation a little hard, BUT, after a few coats of lotion and some priming gel, her face was as smooth as a baby's bottom! I recommended the clarisonic to her, as that is what helped my dry skin issue around my nose. I've had that puppy for two years and have never looked back!
Once her face was set and ready, I used Visible Lift foundation all over. I love this foundation because you twist the tube and the product is dispensed onto a brush which is located at the end of the tube. This is awesome for anyone with sensitive skin because you don't have to touch your face with your fingers, and the brush is super easy to clean! I put the foundation all over her face and down onto her neck so that she didn't end up with makeup lines around her jaw!
Next was her eyes! I primed those puppies and layered them with shimmery whites, tans, pinks and peaches. Once I had a good base on the lids, I began to create a smokey look with some soft grays and rich chocolate browns. After several minutes of blending I ran liner on her top and bottom lids and finished her eyes up with mascara and illuminating powder on the inner eye and upper brow bone. After the basics are done for the eye I always like to fill in the brows lightly to give them definition and call more attention to the dramatic smokey features.
After the eyes I did some contouring and  brightening with her cheeks and added a few light NYX lip colors to define her lips. The only thing left was to spunk up her hair, so I took my wand to it and soon enough, she had a great fun new look!
Kelly, I know you are neither a morning person, or a Baltimore person, so it means a lot that you would travel over an hour to come down and let me play with your face and hair :) You are one hot lady, and I hope you have a great time at your family get together ! OWE OWE!


  1. Girl 8am and Baltimore are nothing if it means I get to spend the morning with you and having my hair/makeup done by a PRO! EVERYONE loved this look (and you know I have tough critics), I will volunteer this mess of a head to you anytime! I love you - and thanks again!! :)

  2. Awww, I'm so glad everyone loved it!!! And your head isn't a mess, it's perfect and lovely!! Next time I can teach you how to do anything you want.... orrrr I can just keep doing you up every time you want ;)LOVE YOU!!

    1. I feel like if you TRIED to teach me, it could end in a blog post of epic fails hahaha. (not a bad idea, tbh). Either is a valid excuse to come see you though!!

  3. She looks GORGEOUS (both before *and* after). I really like the lighter/brighter color on the lid for her - it opens things up nicely. Well done!

    1. Thanks Linda!! I love doing before and afters!! The highlight that I used for her is my FAV, it really does open things up, that's a good way to describe it!