Saturday, June 29, 2013

Sally Hansen Salon Effects! Review & How to :)

Long Lasting Nail Design
Yesterday afternoon after stopping by Sally's Beauty Supply (for eyebrow razors) I headed into a store called 5 Below. I've heard about this place before, but just assumed it was a cheapo dollar store type place that would never have anything I would want to purchase. WRONG.WAS.I!!  This place is a mecca for teachers and anyone creative! They had everything from Crayola Crayons to Cell Phone covers (even for MY phone which I can never ever ever find). Of course I had to check out the beauty section since they were selling brand name products, and much to my surprise I found Sally Hansen Salon Effect sets and Wet n' Wild Palettes. Both for under $3!
Sally Hansen Salon Effect sets usually sell for about $9.99, so I don't usually make a habit of buying them. Yes, they last for up to ten days, yes, they are incredibly creative and fun, but I'd rather spend $10.00 on a nail polish that I'll be able to use 50 times. However, at $3, that issue depleted and I was ready to give them another spin!
Here's what you get
The box contains, the file and tool, a simple one sheet instruction guide, and 16 Strips. They give you 6 extra strips so that you can line up the perfect size for every nail which is fantastic! The design I got was 002 Snake Charmer.
Here's how you apply
1. Select a strip that fits each nail best
2. Peel off the plastic protecting layer
3. Break the silver tip from your strip and peel applique off of paper.
4. Apply strip against cuticle, press down firmly & smooth out! 
5. Shape with file!
Here's what it looks like after!

The strips can be removed with simple nail polish remover and they will take FOREVER to start chipping. I think I'll get a few more of these, because for more than half off, its silly not to.  Fantastic product, but like I said, paying $10 is a little much! What do you think?!

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