Saturday, June 22, 2013

Fashion Show!

Bmore Fashion & Art Show
Last night I ended up downtown on the top floor of a well known bar, doing makeup for 10 girls before they hit the runway at City Papers first Fashion and Art Show.
Each girl was sweet and excited, and either had an idea of what hey wanted me to do, or told me to do whatever I wanted, which I loved! Covergirl was a main sponsor so they provided mascara for each girl, along with a few eye shadow sticks, powder shadows, and lip glosses. None of which I was particularly fond of for this type of event, except for the mascara. It was great that CG provided colors (more than generous) and it helped me and the other makeup gal get an idea of what they wanted to see on the runway, but those shadow sticks are just to light to show up on a dark runway! Needless to say they were used as base and emphasized with
 a LOT of illuminating powder and shadow!
Here are about half of my girls in their makeup after walking the runway and grabbing a well deserved beverage! They rocked it and I was so excited to be asked to volunteer my services!

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