Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Bridal Makeup!

Wedding Wear!

Recently I was proposed to ( SO EXCITED) and even more recently I was asked to do makeup for an old friends wedding, both of which I am super excited about! I've never done makeup for a Bride because I've been busy the last few times I've been asked, so I decided it was time to go for it, and to explore different looks to propose to the
 bride I'd be beautifying :)

The #1 skin rule is to drink, drink, drink (water that is) to keep your skin glowing and healthy. There is nothing worse than applying makeup to dry thirsty skin, it makes your face uneven and dull, even with the best primer, so I'll ask my bride to drink up (double her normal intake) starting about two weeks before!
Now that she will have glowing skin, it will be up to me to make her even more beautiful! She has very light blonde hair (think beach babe) and rarely wears more than mascara. That being said, overdoing her makeup with a dramatic look will not only probably make her feel uncomfortable, but will be a super shock to her hubby and wedding guests. SO, we are going to keep it simple! Here is what I've come up with.
A lot of highlight in the corners and under the brown bone, and light browns and grays along the crease, not too heavy, but enough to pick up in pictures :

Rosie cheeks with illuminator for extra glow, plus a bit of bronzer to define the cheek bones.

 Complete look without falsies or lip color!

I think I will give her a very light pink lip color and a bit of gloss, but nothing too dark. This look is perfect for a bride who is looking to stay neutral but
wants to look a bit "done up" for her pictures! What do you think?!

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