Saturday, June 29, 2013

Sally Hansen Salon Effects! Review & How to :)

Long Lasting Nail Design
Yesterday afternoon after stopping by Sally's Beauty Supply (for eyebrow razors) I headed into a store called 5 Below. I've heard about this place before, but just assumed it was a cheapo dollar store type place that would never have anything I would want to purchase. WRONG.WAS.I!!  This place is a mecca for teachers and anyone creative! They had everything from Crayola Crayons to Cell Phone covers (even for MY phone which I can never ever ever find). Of course I had to check out the beauty section since they were selling brand name products, and much to my surprise I found Sally Hansen Salon Effect sets and Wet n' Wild Palettes. Both for under $3!
Sally Hansen Salon Effect sets usually sell for about $9.99, so I don't usually make a habit of buying them. Yes, they last for up to ten days, yes, they are incredibly creative and fun, but I'd rather spend $10.00 on a nail polish that I'll be able to use 50 times. However, at $3, that issue depleted and I was ready to give them another spin!
Here's what you get
The box contains, the file and tool, a simple one sheet instruction guide, and 16 Strips. They give you 6 extra strips so that you can line up the perfect size for every nail which is fantastic! The design I got was 002 Snake Charmer.
Here's how you apply
1. Select a strip that fits each nail best
2. Peel off the plastic protecting layer
3. Break the silver tip from your strip and peel applique off of paper.
4. Apply strip against cuticle, press down firmly & smooth out! 
5. Shape with file!
Here's what it looks like after!

The strips can be removed with simple nail polish remover and they will take FOREVER to start chipping. I think I'll get a few more of these, because for more than half off, its silly not to.  Fantastic product, but like I said, paying $10 is a little much! What do you think?!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Best Bridal Makeup

Wedding Makeup Must Haves
Earlier this week I posted my newest Bridal Makeup look which has gotten a lot of attention , SO I decided it might be nice to post the most important makeup used so you can recreate it yourselves!
Here are what I like to call THE BIG FIVE!

1. Double Extend Beauty Tubes Mascara : This mascara has two ends. The white end creates a lengthening coat that you can go over with either the other end ( regular mascara) or your very own favorite mascara. I use L'Oreal's Voluminous False Fiber Lashes, it's long lasting and doubles the lengthening! Also, they offer a waterproof version SO if you are looking to recreate this for a wedding, or an event that may cause teary eyes, this is the way to go! Both mascaras run for about $8.00

2. Coastal Scents Blush Too Palette : I love this palette because the colors go with all the seasons, all skin types, AND there is a bronzer. I like to mix the two light bubblegum colors because they pop on my skin after applying St. Tropez foam bronzer! Also, the bronzer in this palette is a great contouring color that holds and blends well! This baby sells for about $10.00

3. Body Shop Illuminator : I bought this last summer and have used it to death! Luckily I have yet to hit pan, since a little goes a long way! This shimmery powder looks perfect on your cheeks, nose and forehead to give a dewy appearance instead of other products that make you end up looking like a sparkly 12 year old! I purchased for around $12.00

4. St. Tropez Foam Bronzer : I've blogged about this stuff before, and I'll do it again. I LOVE THIS STUFF. The bronze color looks great on everyone, and when applied correctly ( quickly) leaves behind no streaks, splotches or build up. It works as a great smoothing undertone since you apply it first before foundation. A huge bottle costs about $28.00 but lasts a long time!

5.  Body Shop Shimmer Cubes : Specifically the white color, as it works perfectly for the first coat of eye shadow and as a quick illuminator. I love to use this color in the corners of my eyes and sweep it underneath the bottom lashes and underneath my eyebrows. The color comes in a pack of "cubes" they have 4-5 different cube color combos, all of which I own, all of which I freaking love! Each pack of cubes is about $22.00

Fashion Show!

Bmore Fashion & Art Show
Last night I ended up downtown on the top floor of a well known bar, doing makeup for 10 girls before they hit the runway at City Papers first Fashion and Art Show.
Each girl was sweet and excited, and either had an idea of what hey wanted me to do, or told me to do whatever I wanted, which I loved! Covergirl was a main sponsor so they provided mascara for each girl, along with a few eye shadow sticks, powder shadows, and lip glosses. None of which I was particularly fond of for this type of event, except for the mascara. It was great that CG provided colors (more than generous) and it helped me and the other makeup gal get an idea of what they wanted to see on the runway, but those shadow sticks are just to light to show up on a dark runway! Needless to say they were used as base and emphasized with
 a LOT of illuminating powder and shadow!
Here are about half of my girls in their makeup after walking the runway and grabbing a well deserved beverage! They rocked it and I was so excited to be asked to volunteer my services!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Bridal Makeup!

Wedding Wear!

Recently I was proposed to ( SO EXCITED) and even more recently I was asked to do makeup for an old friends wedding, both of which I am super excited about! I've never done makeup for a Bride because I've been busy the last few times I've been asked, so I decided it was time to go for it, and to explore different looks to propose to the
 bride I'd be beautifying :)

The #1 skin rule is to drink, drink, drink (water that is) to keep your skin glowing and healthy. There is nothing worse than applying makeup to dry thirsty skin, it makes your face uneven and dull, even with the best primer, so I'll ask my bride to drink up (double her normal intake) starting about two weeks before!
Now that she will have glowing skin, it will be up to me to make her even more beautiful! She has very light blonde hair (think beach babe) and rarely wears more than mascara. That being said, overdoing her makeup with a dramatic look will not only probably make her feel uncomfortable, but will be a super shock to her hubby and wedding guests. SO, we are going to keep it simple! Here is what I've come up with.
A lot of highlight in the corners and under the brown bone, and light browns and grays along the crease, not too heavy, but enough to pick up in pictures :

Rosie cheeks with illuminator for extra glow, plus a bit of bronzer to define the cheek bones.

 Complete look without falsies or lip color!

I think I will give her a very light pink lip color and a bit of gloss, but nothing too dark. This look is perfect for a bride who is looking to stay neutral but
wants to look a bit "done up" for her pictures! What do you think?!