Monday, April 22, 2013

Top Spring Polishes!

Essie Spring Polishes
* First off, sorry it's been awhile, I broke a finger and that isn't so fun to type with!*
I am in love with these three colors! As always with essie polishes, these are highly pigmented and long lasting. My top for my toes is "cute as a button", and it really is awesome! Pictured on the left, this color is a mix between an electric pink and a coral orange. It's not too loud and not too soft, just right for when you decide its warm enough to show your toesies for the first time as it begins to warm up!
The second color ( pictures in the middle) is called "mint candy apple". It's a beautiful robin egg blue color with a light hint of pastel green. All you need is one coat and you have complete coverage, yet another plus with essie. Nothing is worse than choosing a light color and realizing with the first brush that you need 10+ coats to reach the color it is advertised to be! This is a new favorite for my fingers as it not only is a beautiful spring color, but it makes my skin look a bit tanner, who doesn't want that?!
My third and favorite color is called "tart deco", this color just rocks! Even if you aren't a coral person, or an orangey peachy person...TRY IT. I was hesistatnt at first, but decided to give it a whirl, and I couldn't be happier. The color is not too bright and can be worn year round , it's a perfect modest color that works with any look. I finally took this off after a month of wearing it so that I could try out "mint candy apple" and now they will rotate until I'm sick of them both hahaha!
Another polish I like to use with essie is Sally Hansen's Double Duty, base and top coat. As I've previously blogged, this stuff keeps color lasting for days without chipping. I wont polish without this stuff!
What are your favorite Spring colors?!

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  1. I have the mint one! Haha Essie's colors are always so pretty :) Thanks for the post!!
    Penny Rose