Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Ardell #105 False Lash Review

So, the picture gives it away... I totally love these lashes! They are all the same length and are a bit stiffer than Ardell lashes with varying lash lengths. I like this feature because they seem a little more sturdy when cleaning and while wearing. The stiffness helps set them as you can push them on a bit more while applying, without feeling like you are bending them in all different directions. Als, notice that every two "lashes" is held together by one point... I'll show you :
This technique makes the lashes look all natural when glues on. It allows for your actual lashes to fill the gaps and, as these aren't pre-curled you have all of the volume power!
These lashes are also easily cleaned with makeup remover ( I use coconut oil), and duo lash glue keeps them adhered beautifully all day! I give these a 10!

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