Monday, March 11, 2013

Target Haul & Carli Bybel Look


I've been watching a lot of videos recently because I feel so out of touch with the makeup world! Surprisingly, I came across Carli Bybel on Pinterest and had to see if she was entertaining. Overall I think she's pretty neat, and she sure is pretty! After watching her videos for an hour, I decided to take a trip to good ole Target. One of the biggest things I loved about her YouTube channel was that she often gave drug store alternatives to her more expensive products.  
She was big on L'Oreal, including True Match Lumi Foundation, True Match Pressed Powder, Telescopic Mascara and she mentioned loving the Give Me Gold palette from Maybelline too. I tried it all since I was in need of most of it anyway, AND I picked up some of the makeup from Walgreens because they were having a Buy 1 get 1 Free sale :)

Overall, I really liked everything that I tried! I also ended up getting a Revlon Photoready Color Correcting Primer that I'm pretty in love with. All of the products together give you a bright finish without being shiny or greasy looking.

Also while at Target I had to pick up some flats for a job interview... I saw these and fell in love!

They are super rad, however, if you notice above the studs, the back of the shoe is a little tall, resulting in DIGGING! I wore them in with the ole wool sock & hair dryer trick but the back has strong backing and refused to give. Hopefully after a few more times under the heat it will become more malleable and in turn, not rub the crap out of the back of my ankle.  I'll keep you posted :)
that's all folks


  1. I'm hiring you to do my makeup Mon-Friday. I simply cannot care about anything at 6am lol. You look so pretty :)!

  2. Kel, I will gladly do your makeup any day of the week! In fact, I need a few models for a "before and after" post I want to do! Come over soon and let me do you up! I need someone else to work on besides myself and Hannah hahaha!

    1. Seriously, let me know when and where! I had gotten my makeup done by a professional, and he definitely hooked a girl up but that one look kind of thing got old a year ago. I definitely want to play around with colors HOWEVER I always always always end up looking like a clown. I'm not joking.

    2. I promise you won't look like a clown. I'll even give you a few looks so that you can decide what your "look" is, for going out, work, dates, etc. We will get something workin for ya ;)

  3. At the best of my known Steffani's clients-friends always end up being satisfied with the results, so no need worrying! Hurry up until the youth have not waned!