Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Coconut Oil for Hair and Skin!

 Well, it's March again which means I've got Bronchitis...Boo!
Only good thing is that I have a little extra time to blog and review!
After visiting the doc yesterday, I was advised to drink as much as possible to keep my throat hydrated... so... here's what I'm sippin' on :

In the blue mug, I've got regular Sleepy Time Tea with real Sugar.
In the Mason Jar, I've got a delicious smoothie!
The smoothie has organic apple juice, strawberry yogurt, a banana, a few blueberries and a teaspoon of coconut oil, plus about 7 ice cubes. DE-LICIOUS

   You may be a bit turned off by the fact that my smoothie has, well ,oil in it, but before you go on thinking I'm a crazy person, listen to the benefits that coconut oil has!

First off, Coconut oil is not a liquid like Olive Oil or any other cooking oil. If left in an environment under 74 degrees it is a solid, meaning that it would of course blend as a solid since it is being mixed
with ice cubes! That makes it a little less disgusting, right?

Also, Coconut oil has a ton of antioxidants, which help with healing, immunity, acne, digestion, infections, weight loss, and much much more. All over the world people cook with coconut oil and add it to smoothies and shakes as an easy way to incorporate this protein packed gem into their every day diets. Just this weekend I substituted coconut oil to use on the bottom of my cooking pan while making pancakes, and they turned out great!

Coconut oil can be used as a great makeup remover, skin moisturizer, anti aging serum, frizz controller, shaving cream, deodorant, cuticle soother, stretch mark healer,
massage oil, hair mask, and even lip balm.

The best thing... it smells AMAZING and its CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP!
I got my jar from Trader Joes for a mere $5.50, and this is a pretty hefty jar!
Last night I tried the oil as an overnight lotion. A little goes a long way, so this jar should last you a looong time!  I've read that some folks keep a bottle in the shower, one in the bedroom and one in the kitchen, just to be sanitary. This is a good idea because you really will notice yourself wanting it everywhere you are, and you don't want to be dipping into your "shaving cream"
when you're cooking dinner hahaha!

Anywho, I spooned a tiny bit out and transferred it to my palm, then I rubbed my palms together creating heat which turns the oil into it's liquid state. I slathered it all over my face, around my eyes, on my neck and then with the extra just rubbed it on my hands, like lotion. You should wait 10-15 minutes before letting your face touch the pillow because it could transfer a little onto your pillowcase. Anyway, the oil wasn't greasy but it looked a little shiny at first, after a few minutes my skin drank it all up, and my face was as smoothe as a babies butt! I woke up this morning, skin glowing, and knew I'd be using more of this.

Remember folks, your skin is the bodies largest organ... most of us tend to put harsh things on our skin every day, from soap, to makeup, to acne lotions and face masks loaded with toxins. Whatever touches your skin goes into your bloodstream, why wouldn't you want to try something that is organic and does so much good?!

With Bronchitis, you can't go to work for a day or two, SO I decided that I'd try out the coconut hair mask. I was a little hesitant because my skin is oily... which means my scalp is oily...which means my hair is oily. Putting oil into my hair seemed pretty crazy, but, I thought I'd give it a whirl since I wasn't going to be seeing anyone today anyways haha!

I was taken back by the shine, lack of build up, lightness, smell, and ease associated with this process! Usually when I dry my hair I get frizzy, my hair dries in different directions, and no matter how much I try to shape it, it never falls just quite right. Check this out :

My hair is clearly shiny, it's straight just from drying, and it not frizzy! Also, my head smells like an Almond Joy, seriously, my dogs wont stop sniffing my head, look!!

This is my little mud bucket, Petunia!
APPLICATION: I did not melt the oil before putting it on my head, because I knew from using it as a moisturizer, that it would melt with my own body heat. I took a clump and started at the top of my head and spread it down through my hair. Rubbing it heats it and allows it to glide through your locks. Once I felt I had enough (especially at the roots and tips), I tied it up in a bun and waited about an hour. I showered and washed the oil out with regular Pantene shampoo and conditioner and styled without any product!

While in the shower I also decided to try to see if it worked as a good shaving cream, I used it on my underarms and it did a pretty great job!

I certainly plan on using this on the reg, it's awesome, cheap and has multiple benefits and uses, what's not to love?! What do you think?


  1. Hello Steff! I am your new follower, really like your blog. OMG, your hair is so shiny <3<3. Petunia is super adorable! It would mean a lot to me if you follow my blog,
    xoxo Nika

    1. Hey There!! Thanks for stopping by :) I just returned the Follow, you're blog is great! Love the new lip colors you posted!

  2. Best.Blogpost.Ever! My hair/skin/everything is so oily it's disgusting. I'm actually really excited to try this. When you used it on your face did it help out with the oily-ness? And when you put it on your hair did you kind of massage it in like shampoo or gently cover the hair?

    1. With my face it actually made me break out the first few times, but that's not because it was clogging my pores. It was because I was on an antibiotic for Bronchitis and there were so many toxins in my skin that the organic product was drawing the toxins out. Kind of gross, I know! Every morning I slather this stuff all over my body. It helps with stretch marks, scars and evening out skin color. It isn't greasy and really keeps your skin moisturized. As for the hair part, I literally spooned out a huge glob of the oil and as soon as it hit my scalp it started melting. I massaged the rest of it in and slathered it everywhere! The longer you sit with it on, the better. This is probably going to be a weekend ritual for me, as just today the frizz started to come back. I was able to take a tiny bit out of the jar, melt it in my palms, and put a small amount on my ends and crown. Then, wa-la! Good as new :)

  3. Stretch marks too? Girlfriend, I'm going out this week to get it - no lie. I saw the repin on pinterest about epsom salt - totally trying that out. I've realized lately that most of us are always on the go and truly taking care of our bodies becomes more of a chore than anything else which is really sad. My skin is like a 13 year olds, so I'm making it my new goal to take better care of it.
    Side note since I think you said you had sensitive skin also... When you went from living in Fred to Bmore, did your skin breakout from the difference in water quality? Whenever I house sit for people or spend the night at the boyfriends my face turns into a warzone. Did you have that problem?

  4. Yes! When I moved to the city it def. changed. What took the biggest hit on my skin was coming off of birth control. Total face warp!

  5. Great review, Im always scared by the idea of putting oil on my skin for some reason, did you have adverse effects at all?I love this kind of post that helps the readers to build up their natural cabinet.

    Ethnic Hair

    1. I broke out a little but once your skin gets used to it you are fine! I cary the jar everywhere! I'm in NYC this week and even though its heavy, its in my purse lol!