Monday, April 16, 2012

New Love

Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24h Foundation
I got a sample of this foundation in this months Cosmo and decided to give it a whirl! The color I had was #310 Bisque C, a little bit darker than my natural color, but will work perfectly in the next few months when I start to get a little bit tanner. This is a full coverage foundation that has lasted me 8 hours + so far without fade. I have naturally oily skin so generally my foundation is gone by 11am or so (so annoying). This does have a bit of shine to it, but it is easily tamed by a bit of translucent powder. I love the coverage, ever since I stopped taking birth control my skin tone has been uneven on my face ( which, by the way, has been the only bad thing about quitting the pill). This fixes my uneven tone and doesn't seem to require nearly as many touch ups as my current foundation. The price per bottle is about $44 which is a small fortune, but the pro's are that it will last longer since you wont be touching up your face throughout the day, AND it does have 15 SPF, and sunscreen is NOT cheap either, so it's a 2 for 1 in my book! I give it a huge thumbs up. Below is a picture of how it looked on my skin ... I totally need lipstick, my lips are blending in with my face, enjoy :)

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  1. I absolutely love lancome products and I only use their foundation. I have combination skin so my t spot is always oily. This foundation does last a long time without doing touch ups and I have only positive things to say about it as well.