Thursday, April 12, 2012

Lipstick Love!

Avon Lipstick Haul

#1 Beyond Color Plumping lip Color SPF 15 with double the retinol
Color: Uptown Pink

Pictured below with flash to show the great coverage and pigmentation
Pictured below without flash, you can see it is much darker!

#2 Healthy makeup Lipstick SPF 15
Color: Pink Light

#3 Shine Attract Lipstick 
Color: Wrapped in Raisin

#1 Beyond Lipcolor lipstick has intense coverage, its thick, pigmented and long lasting. I will be purchasing more colors as they really seem to pop! Plus I love that they have 
SPF and are almost always on sale! 
#2 Healthy Makeup Lipstick was the first Healthy Makeup product I have used and I was impressed. I'm sure the ingredients are different to make them "healthy" but it felt about the same as the #1 color and had the same amount of SPF. The coverage was lighter but so was
 the color and it was a bit glossier. I like!
#3 Shine Attract Lipstick: I was attracted to this because of the idea behind having a 2 in 1 gloss lipstick. There are several lip colors that come with a gloss that you put on 2nd, but this is the first combination lipstick I have seen that really LOOKS like 1/2 gloss and 1/2 color. Being that it is a glossy color and that I got a neutral tone, I can't comment much on the coverage. To really test it out I'll have to buy a more prominent color. I did like the glide of the stick but I don't feel like it's particularly long lasting, maybe just a quick fix to a dull looking pout!