Monday, April 23, 2012

Update on Clarisonic

Clarisonic Mia 2 

It officially has been four months since I got my Clarisonic Mia 2. I have used it every stinkin day, in fact, I can't get out of the shower without using it because my face just doesn't quite feel clean enough without it! Aside from it doing a great job of exfoliating and cleaning, it has drastically changed the size of my pores. I have HUGE pores on cheeks and nose. Its gross and terrible when you are a makeup lover because everything looks cakey since throughout the day your makeup is seeping into your huge pool like pores, creating lines and unevenness... but I digress. I am also pleased with the battery life, it charges overnight and last nearly the entire month!! If your skin breaks out, is uneven in color, is dry, is oily, if you have big pores, if face wash just isn't doing it for ya... GET ONE OF THESE! Yes, it is pricey (about $119), but I will never stop using this product. Don't fall for the Dermanew system or any of the other "microdermabrasion" at home systems, this little beaut is all you need! Also as a plus, it comes in lots of great color options!

Monday, April 16, 2012

New Love

Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24h Foundation
I got a sample of this foundation in this months Cosmo and decided to give it a whirl! The color I had was #310 Bisque C, a little bit darker than my natural color, but will work perfectly in the next few months when I start to get a little bit tanner. This is a full coverage foundation that has lasted me 8 hours + so far without fade. I have naturally oily skin so generally my foundation is gone by 11am or so (so annoying). This does have a bit of shine to it, but it is easily tamed by a bit of translucent powder. I love the coverage, ever since I stopped taking birth control my skin tone has been uneven on my face ( which, by the way, has been the only bad thing about quitting the pill). This fixes my uneven tone and doesn't seem to require nearly as many touch ups as my current foundation. The price per bottle is about $44 which is a small fortune, but the pro's are that it will last longer since you wont be touching up your face throughout the day, AND it does have 15 SPF, and sunscreen is NOT cheap either, so it's a 2 for 1 in my book! I give it a huge thumbs up. Below is a picture of how it looked on my skin ... I totally need lipstick, my lips are blending in with my face, enjoy :)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Lipstick Love!

Avon Lipstick Haul

#1 Beyond Color Plumping lip Color SPF 15 with double the retinol
Color: Uptown Pink

Pictured below with flash to show the great coverage and pigmentation
Pictured below without flash, you can see it is much darker!

#2 Healthy makeup Lipstick SPF 15
Color: Pink Light

#3 Shine Attract Lipstick 
Color: Wrapped in Raisin

#1 Beyond Lipcolor lipstick has intense coverage, its thick, pigmented and long lasting. I will be purchasing more colors as they really seem to pop! Plus I love that they have 
SPF and are almost always on sale! 
#2 Healthy Makeup Lipstick was the first Healthy Makeup product I have used and I was impressed. I'm sure the ingredients are different to make them "healthy" but it felt about the same as the #1 color and had the same amount of SPF. The coverage was lighter but so was
 the color and it was a bit glossier. I like!
#3 Shine Attract Lipstick: I was attracted to this because of the idea behind having a 2 in 1 gloss lipstick. There are several lip colors that come with a gloss that you put on 2nd, but this is the first combination lipstick I have seen that really LOOKS like 1/2 gloss and 1/2 color. Being that it is a glossy color and that I got a neutral tone, I can't comment much on the coverage. To really test it out I'll have to buy a more prominent color. I did like the glide of the stick but I don't feel like it's particularly long lasting, maybe just a quick fix to a dull looking pout!