Friday, March 16, 2012

Avon Eye Cream!

Avon Genics Eye Treatment
I have just become an Avon Rep and upon signing up I received a few of these ANEW GENICS Eye Treatment samples. I have never really been a face cream person, I'm too flighty to remember to apply this stuff at night and during the day. Plus, I never really have looked at my eyes and thought " man if only my lids were more firm".  I don't have a specific regimine, I just like to moisturize with whatever new products I've picked up. I'm 23 and my eyes don't sag or hang or wrinkle, but I admit having dark circles and the early signs of crowsfeet. After only two days of using this stuff I've noticed a huge difference. The circles that I have are completely gone, and what mild form of crowsfeet I did have has completley smoothed out. The cream is rich and silky and has helped the application of my liquid foundation and the cocealer (erase paste) that I used to hide my dark circles... I wont be needing the concealer for my eyes any longer! The Genics is only $32 I believe, and if you buy the face treatment its only $20 when purchased together. Can't beat that! I have also been using their face wash and body lotions and they are surprisingly awesome! Do you use any type of facial cream or have a daily regimine?!


  1. I am 23 too but I have dry skin so I already have "expression lines" as I like to call them. I am currently using the garnier ultra lift pro night cream and eye cream & also the roller ball concealer...I have definately noticed a difference with my eyes and my face looks more luminous but the lines on my forehead refuse to go away...I think I'm stuck with them! My mom is an avon rep so I might try to get some genics samples when my garnier runs out.

    love your blog...i'm now following :)

  2. Thank for this share. It is a bog helped. :)

  3. Glad you both like!! Let me know how it works for you if you try it :)