Sunday, March 25, 2012

Curl Boost!

Garnier Curl Calm Down
Anti-Frizz Cream

YOU MUST TRY THIS!! I found this new Garnier Fructis product on sale at Target last night and decided to give it a whirl. I'm always up for trying anything that claims to keep my curls soft and poof free without weighing them down. This morning I showered and towel dried, put a squirt of Frizz Ease hair serum by John Frieda through the ends of my hair and followed it with Garnier Fructis Curl Calm down, distributed from root to ends. The volume and definition this cream has given my hair is unbelievable. It isn't ratty, sticky, or gel like, just fluffy, frizz less and actually quite pretty! I am a huge fan and will continue purchasing, on a day like today where the humidity is 86% I have faith that my hair will be the least of my worries all day! Give this stuff a try, its about $4.99 and I'm sure can be found just about anywhere!
What do you use for unmanageable curls?!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Welcome Back Humidity

When Humidity Attacks
Spring has arrived, and with that comes the "showers to bring May flowers"...BOO! 
I love Spring evenings, however am a way bigger fan of Fall ... this might be because Kevin wakes up almost every morning stuffy from March - October! Any who, back to my point, Spring = Frizzy, Poofy, Frowy (is this a word), Impossibly Stupid HAIR! I have naturally wavy/ curly hair and have only recently ( in the last few years) figured out how to manage it. That being said, I feel it is my duty to share with all you guys and gals with the same problem, my favorite de-frowing fixes! 

First up: Herbal Essence Long Term Relationship - Leave-In Split End Protector for Long Hair
This stuff is great because it not only helps make your ends ( which tend to frizz the most) smoother and more manageable, it also protects your hair, so if you are ironing or drying it, this product allows your hair to come out silky looking instead of fried! I find that with a little bit of this product my hair is less likely to frizz as the day goes on. It also isn't a heavy leave-in formula which is great if your hair is cut with layers that need styling. It runs about $5 and can be tricky to find- I've only seen it at Target and Walmart. 

Second Up: Aussie Sprunch Spray
 This product allows you to embrace your waves & curls by scrunching or "sprunching" your hair. It has a great wild grape smell to it and isn't completely sticky like hair spray but allows your tresses to stick together nicely. This is ideal to use when you are in a hurry or just have an inkling that your hair simply is NOT going to cooperate today! It runs about $5 and can be found just about anywhere!

Third up: Avon Advance Techniques Frizz Control Lotus Shield

This is a relatively new product to me but I have used this several times and found that it not only helps my hair to dry quicker, but the serum makes is 100x easier to style since my hair behaves right off the bat! This is what I will be swearing by this Spring, however, its a little pricier than the others at $8-$12 per bottle and can only be purchased through an Avon Rep. It's definitely worth it if you are hoping for a magnificent hair day and don't mind spending the few extra bucks, otherwise I'd suggest using the other two products to save styling time and  money. This stuff truly does allow you to have a salon like blowout, love it!

Do you have curly hair or hair that loathes humidity?! Do you live in a humid state?! What are your humid hair go-to's??

Friday, March 16, 2012

Avon Eye Cream!

Avon Genics Eye Treatment
I have just become an Avon Rep and upon signing up I received a few of these ANEW GENICS Eye Treatment samples. I have never really been a face cream person, I'm too flighty to remember to apply this stuff at night and during the day. Plus, I never really have looked at my eyes and thought " man if only my lids were more firm".  I don't have a specific regimine, I just like to moisturize with whatever new products I've picked up. I'm 23 and my eyes don't sag or hang or wrinkle, but I admit having dark circles and the early signs of crowsfeet. After only two days of using this stuff I've noticed a huge difference. The circles that I have are completely gone, and what mild form of crowsfeet I did have has completley smoothed out. The cream is rich and silky and has helped the application of my liquid foundation and the cocealer (erase paste) that I used to hide my dark circles... I wont be needing the concealer for my eyes any longer! The Genics is only $32 I believe, and if you buy the face treatment its only $20 when purchased together. Can't beat that! I have also been using their face wash and body lotions and they are surprisingly awesome! Do you use any type of facial cream or have a daily regimine?!

Monday, March 12, 2012


Melissa is the winner of my 100 Followers Giveaway which included my favorite products ever!!

Complete List:
Bath and Body Works: Coconut Lotion
Philosophy: Happy Birthday Liquid Soap
Wet n Wild: Wild Shine nail polish in Black
OPI: Pink Friday Nicki Minaj Collection
Organix: Coconut Milk and Hibiscus facial cleanser
Sally Hansen: Salon Effects
Wet n' Wild: - 3 Shadow Palette and 1 single shadow
Urban Decay: Primer Potion
Eco Brushes: Eye set
Orly: Blue Polish
Ulta: Black Kohl liner
L'Oreal: Double Extend Beauty Tubes mascara
Dove: Damage Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner

Thank you to everyone who participated and has shared my blog with friends! 
Next Giveaway will be when I reach 200 followers :)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Award Night Makeup!

I have a cocktail event tomorrow evening for work and decided to play around with my makeup options today while I had time! I started off with Smashbox Photo Finish as a base for my face and Primer Potion on my eyes. Without a primer for these two areas you almost guarantee that your makeup wont last more than a few hours. I always do my eye makeup before I work on the rest of my face, that way I can cover up any fallout from application with my foundation.
Kryolan aqua color:White
Sugarpill loose shadow: Tiara
Sugarpill loose shadow: Stella
Sugarpill pressed shadow: Bulletproof
Stella: Smudge stick black liner
Maybelline: False Fiber Lashes

My face has Laura Mercer Foundation, Benefit's Erase Paste & Mellow Mauve blush by e.l.f. 

Tomorrow I think I will definitely do this look, and finish it with "All Nighter" which is an awesome holding spray by Urban Decay!

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