Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Another FOTD! I'm on a roll!

This look is mostly Avon. My rep gave me this quad (I believe it's the True Color Eyeshadow Quad in Vibrant Spice) that she hated because the colors weren't pigmented enough. I love that she is honest with me about products she loves and hates, saves me money and keeps me coming back! I decided once I had the quad to see if I could work some magic with it. My findings were that the quad, which consisted of metallic baked looking shadows, needed a definite primer base. It surprises me how many people don't use a primer, it literally is the first step to my beauty routine, otherwise I'd be in front of the mirror all day touching up creased shadow and runny liner. YUCK. The colors are holding well with the primer, but truthfully they just aren't strong colors. They are nice for a neutral look, but don't turn out looking anywhere near as promising as the colors seem like they should. The other Avon products I used were the waterproof eyeliner, which I love, and nude blush lipstick! I have the liner on my top lash line and my bottom waterline. The lipstick is very creamy and I can't wait to try other colors! My hair has Avon in it as well, their Lotus Frizz Free Serum which I am really liking. It has a tendency to not let my hair have the blow out I desire, but it keeps the frizz tamed and smells lovely so I can't complain! Other products I am wearing include: L'Oreal double extend beauty tubes mascara and Cover Girl face powder.

Here is a closer look:


  1. This is so pretty- I love these quads- and you are so right= a primer is needed. I have 4 of those Avon quads and without a primer they hardly give off color, but they're awesome with a good base.

    1. Thanks! What other quads do you have? I'm thinking about becoming a rep and would love to try some other ones out! Let me know :)