Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Product #4 from the Sephora Favorites box : Orgasm by NARS

Ladies... meet Orgasm. 
Not quite as good as the real thing, but close enough! 

Funny thing is, I wanted to put the NARS powder blush in Orgasm on my amazon wishlist for Christmas, but felt weird about my boyfriends mom seeing it and thinking she needed to go into a store and possibly be directed to the product! Lucky for me she got me this awesome Sephora Favorites box and the Nars illuminator in Orgasm happens to be in it!

I had never tried a liquid illuminator, always worried it would leave my skin looking stained or something. Needless to say, I was wrong. This stuff is wonderful and it gives skin a healthy glow that makes the apples of your cheeks look slightly sunkissed! If you don't dig a little sparkle you should be warned, this product isn't sparkle free like some other illuminators are, but you don't wind up looking like a fairy afterwards either, in fact, I'd say it provides a healthy dose of sparklage! Lasts all day and goes on and blends perfectly, it's a little watery as opposed to creamy or heavy. In my opinion the more watery consistency helps with blending so I actually prefer it! I'm still dying to try the powder blush, I bet the two look phenomenal together!


  1. I have the blush in love it!!Great post! Now following! Stop by my blog sometime! xoxo


  2. Oh good, I can't wait to try it!! Thanks so much for the follow, I will follow you too :)