Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2 for 1: FOTD + Nars Review

Yes I am wearing an Inception Shirt 

Today I decided to go for a natural easy look that takes about 5 seconds! We all have crazy mornings or times where we want to look good, but are too lazy or tired to do anything, so this is for you!
Eyes: No eyeshadow today, just mascara! I am obsessed with long lashes so I went back to the L'Oreal voluminous false fiber lashes mascara that I used in 
yesterdays look.
Face: MAC studio fix liquid foundation, Boots No.7 Translucent powder, NARS Orgasm illuminator, and Mellow Mauve blush by e.l.f.
Lips: I used softlips chapstick and NARS Greek Holiday gloss,
which brings me to my review!
I received this as a gift from my Uncle John along with many other wonderful gifts because he is THE BEST! I am a huge fan of neutral shades which is pretty obvious considering I use Myth lipstick by MAC practically every day! As an added bonus Greek Holiday pairs PERFECTLY with Myth, YAY! This gloss goes on wonderfully, its full of hints of sparkle and has a wonderful bronze nude glow. Most high end glosses are a little sticky or tacky, however, Greek Holiday wasn't as sticky as I thought it would be, in fact, when paired with the Softlips chapstick it mixes for a wonderful glide! This will be a new staple in my daily routine! Thanks UJohn, LOVE IT!


  1. love the blog hun!

    Great posts!

    Happy to be your 49th follower, lol ;)

    Would love for you to stop by my blog, and follow back ?


  2. Thanks for stopping by AND following!! I followed you back! :) Have a great day!

  3. your makeup looks soo pretty... i love your blush colour!! :) xo


  4. Thanks so much!! The blush is made by e.l.f. and is about $3 at Target!! Can't beat that price!! Now following your blog, it's terrific!

  5. ooo really im in the UK so im guna have a look on their site because we dont have a Target over here!! so glad you followed my blog... i meant to follow yours before... but after i left my comment i clicked off your page and have been trying to find your blog again haha!! xx

  6. Awww well I'm glad I replied quickly haha!! They online site is great, most of the makeup they sell is between $1-$3. I recommend the makeup remover wipes as well :) and they have some pretty good brushes if you get the studio ones with the black handles!

  7. You look fantastic ! I like this natural look and I am in love with Nars products. I heard wonders about L'Oreal false fiber lashes mascara, must try it ! I am following you with google friend connect. Hope you follow back if you like my blog <3

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    1. Val, your blog is adorable! Now following! Thanks for adding me :) you have GOT to try the mascara, its just amazing... way better than some of the higher end mascaras I have!! Thanks for commenting <3

  8. That looks such a wonderful lipgloss, I shall have to try it. Love your blog, feel free to check out mine.

    Laura x

  9. Thanks Laura, the lipgloss is simply fantasticccc!! Totally following you, I LOVE your blog!! <3