Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Fat Tuesday!

Green and Purple Eyes
 Today is my last day off until next Monday, therefore, not taking advantage of being able to wear whatever fun colors I want would be completely out of character! I really love NYX and Sugarpill shadows, they both are highly pigmented and blend easily with each other. I usually pair the two brands because they take nicely to each other and I usually end up with a funky look that I wish I could wear every day :) Below are exactly what products I used as well as how my eyes turned out!

Here's what I used :
1. Kyrolan Aquacolor: White (as a base)
2. NYX Lagoon Sparkle Shadow on the lid
3. Sugarpill Tipsy across the lid
4. Sugarpill Poison Plum in the crease
5. Sugarpill Hysteric in the crease
6. Sugarpill Lumi under brow and on inner corners of eye.
7. Revlon Liquid Liner pen on top lash line.
8. Ulta black liner pencil on bottom water line.
9. L'Oreal false fiber lashes mascara
10. MAC studio Fix foundation
11. E.l.f. Mellow Mauve blush

Tomorrow is back to neutrals and corporate fashion...can't wait to be my own boss! One day... One day!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Nicki Minaj Inspired


First off, I love Nicki Minaj. I think she funky, bold and badass, all qualities I admire in a person. Shes got a funky hot-pink lipstick out by MAC but seeing as how I didn't want to drop that kind of money on a crazy *not everyday* color I decided to search for a cheaper similar color. I tried two colors, one was cupcake by Revlon and that was a little too opaque for me. The color I happened upon was Narcissus by NYX which is wicked awesome andddd pictured below!
It's highly pigmented, no doubt. There is nothing opaque about this color at all!! I found this gem of a color at Ulta and would love to try more of their lipsticks, as this one was smooth, creamy and lasted a long time.
Aside from lip color, I decided to line my top lids with a green color by NYX, a purple by NYX and pump up my lashes a bit. 

Here is the final look 

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Clean yo Brushes!

Brush Care

Sometimes we take advantage of the ease and availability of our daily brushes. It is important to remember that they need love too, as they can carry bacteria and germs GALORE. Below are my directions for once a month brush care. Cleaning your brushes can help your face be both irritation and infection free.

What measures do you take to make sure your product and tools are clean?

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Smokey Black


Smokey Eye (work appropriate)! Here is a better look >

Sugarpill is really a brand I swear by, you can purchase these products here. I promise you won't be dissapointed. This required lots and lots of blending, but I love blending, it really is the key to smokey eyes. You can't quite see the NYX purple shadow I listed because I ran it along my bottom lashes, but I can tell you that it is most definitely the reason my eyes look so light! Purple is great for Hazel eyes, try it out! 
What are your favorite products to use for a dark smokey eye?

Award #2 !!

This week must be award week or something, and I LOVE IT!! This Versatile award was given to me by this lovely gal and I can't say Thank You enough, you rock !! Back in September when I got serious about posting I had but 12 followers. Over the past month I've gone from 12 to 82 and can't wait to keep growing! Thanks for stopping by and checking out all the new posts!!

The rules are pretty similar to the Liebster Award I posted a few days ago, so you can check out the fun facts about me on that posting.


1. Thank the Liebster blog award presenter
on your blog!
2. Link back to the blogger who awarded your blog!
3. Copy and paste the award to your blog!
4. Reveal your top 5 blog pics! 
5. Drop by your top 5 pics and let them know you have chosen them by commenting on their blog!
6.Give seven random facts about yourself
 As for my award winners, here are my picks:

Friday, January 20, 2012

Face & Lip Love


I've been using Purity Made Simple with my new Clarisonic Mia 2 and absolutely LOVE it. My face has had some issues the past couple years since I quit taking birth control. As soon as I quit my hormones just went wild and pimples started popping up everywhere. At first I thought I was allergic to something but after talking with my doctor about it discovered that this is just the way my skin naturally is *sigh*. Needless to say I immediately started trying products. Proactive and every other acne medicine you can find in the supermarket were each tried without any long-term promising results. I even got the Dermanew Acne System -that did a good job of buffing off dry skin but actually made the breakouts even worse. For Christmas I was given my Clarisonic Mia 2 with a little bottle of Purity and after the first use I noticed an incredible difference. It felt like the two products just belonged together, a match made in facial magic heaven, if you will. The Mia does a great job of scrubbing away dry skin, makeup, dirt, etc. When paired with purity (which isn't harsh and gets rid of oil and daily buildup) its like your faces dream come true! Purity smells great and leaves your skin feeling refreshed, clean and new! I just bought the largest bottle of this stuff I could find for when my sample bottle runs out, it has changed my face entirely!

I decided I'd try one of these since I've heard nothing but great things about it, but honestly I wasn't that impressed. I thought this was a new revolution in chapstick or something from all the rave reviews it's gotten but honestly it's very similar to Softlips. The greasy-ish texture is similar and I got the peppermint flavor which instantly reminded me of the Softlips original, which is a minted cherry flavor. I understand the product is for long term use to get desired results within four weeks, but that just seems a little cuckoo to me! All I want is for my lips to be soft and to not be chapped. Honestly, Softlips delivers the same exact thing and doesn't mention a wait time to see results. Overall, Baby Lips tastes good and feels good, but isn't anything super special that I would consider purchasing over any other chapstick in stores, plus it's a bit more expensive.

There you have it! Let me know if you've tried either and what you think!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Liebster Award!

My 1st Award!
This is an update since I have now received TWO Liebster Awards!! You guys are awesome!!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! To the Lovely Lily whose amazing blog you can check out right here! Lily  received the award and picked my blog as one of the five blogs she could present the award too! The award is given to new bloggers with less than 200 followers and is a great way for everyone to make new connections! Thanks Lily :) 

There are a few things I have to do now that I have received the award...
1. Thank the Liebster blog award presenter
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2. Link back to the blogger who awarded your blog!
3. Copy and paste the award to your blog!
4. Reveal your top 5 blog pics! 
5. Drop by your top 5 pics and let them know you have chosen them by commenting on their blog!
6.Give seven random facts about yourself


1. I love baking, tattoos, makeup, and anything soft.
2. I would rescue every dog in the world if I could.
3. I have 2 tattoos - 6 birds on my side and 3 music notes on my ankle.
4.I love swimming, its relaxing and therapeutic for me.
5.I let my dog sleep in my bed every night.
6.I want to own my own business in the next five years.
7.I have scoliosis pretty bad.

Here are my pics:
1. Meet Me on the Brightside : 1st of all shes adorable and her blog is has the right mixture of tutorials, reviews and hilarity! I always enjoy checking out what shes up to, as it's sure to put a smile on my face!
2. Limited Lucy: Shes got great swatches, reviews and favorites. She even posts funny videos to give everyone a laugh. I love her blog because most things I'm interested in buying, shes already tried out!
3. War Paint: I love this chick. Her hair rocks and shes always got some crazy vibrant neon color on her eyes! She is very edgy and isn't afraid to give any product a try, very inspiring!
4.All Things Classy: I love this blog because most posts are about food and fashion... two of my favorite things to read about! Rock on lady!
5. Victoria X Glam: Her pictures are wicked and I must admit, most times after reading her blog I feel the urge to run out and go on a shopping spree. Great blog, reviews and cuteness!

Congrats everyone and Thanks again Lily!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Makeup Storage!

Tight on space but have tons of products?
Don't fear, I will show you how to manage!

I got this cart for Christmas and don't' know how I've lived without it. It's about as tall as my dresser and with ten drawers you will have a spot for everythingggg! It's nice to know where all of your products are, right when you need them! No digging, no looking all over the room, just all organized and lovely! The top is even useful :

I use this vanity to store tools and the 10,000 MAC pigment bottles I have. On top the vanity I use a bunch of glass vases from Michaels or A.C. Moore to store my brushes & liners.

Kevin found this on Craigslist and got it for me as part of my 2nd bedroom renovation he did for my last birthday! I love this, it gives me a place to sit in the morning and get ready without having to spend any more time than necessary in our teeny tiny city apartment bathroom! I also hang my CHI and my Sultra Sophisticate dryer on the side of the vanity so they don't get beaten up on the floor! 

FOTD : Golden Globes Inspired


Closer look at the Eyes for ya! 

Today I got inked so I was feeling like a badass and decided to do a  vibrant golden globes inspired look. First I primed with Urban Decays primer potion, then slathered on the white aquacolor * note: I'd die without this stuff. Then I patted a wet brush full of Goldilux across my lids, heavy at the outer edge and lighter towards the inner eye. Then I used several colors from my Comfort Zone Wet n Wild Palette to darken the crease. On the brow bone and inner eyes I dabbed Lumi from Sugarpill *what an awesome color*. Next came the liner across the top lids and the Mascara which I still am swearing by! On my face I'm wearing the usual, MAC Studiofix, No.7 translucent powder, NARS orgasm illuminator, 
and Mellow Mauve Blush by e.l.f.  
 Later today I hope to have a new post about how I store all of my products! 

Friday, January 13, 2012

L'Oreal Voluminous False Fiber Lashes
Howdy Ya'll! Here are some quick fun facts:
It's roughly 5:30. I can't sleep and woke up at 4:00. Kevin is up doing p90x right now. I'm anxious about getting inked. It's Friday the 13th. 
My dog is super cute. I love mascara.

In my zombie state I figured I'd do some photo editing and just couldn't help but post about this new found love of mine!

Warning... this mascara is addicting
I love having long lashes, like the kind that reach your eyebrows when you look up! However, I'm not very good at applying falsies so I'm often saddened by my lack of lash power. Voluminous False Fiber Lashes by L'Oreal works wonders on your eyes. First, it gives wicked crazy volume, I've got about 20 different mascaras in my drawer and none of them have been able to fan my lashes out the way this wand does! The color is super dark and the product doesn't clump, making application quick and easy. The wand is  really neat, it separates your lashes so they don't stick together and honestly, it extends your lashes like magic. Kevin's mom put this in my stocking and seriously, its a new staple. A few more pros for me: Drugstore brand which is exciting because I wont have to travel far to pick up another tube when I run out. It's only about $10. It will probably last longer than other mascaras since I don't have to double or triple apply!
Try this stuff out, it has changed the way my entire face looks while all dolled up!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thank You!

Thank You

Hi all! I've nearly trippled my followers this week and just wanted to say THANK YOU!! I hope you enjoy my posts and will continue to stop by and comment :) Feel free to leave suggestions or requests for future posts as well!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2 for 1: FOTD + Nars Review

Yes I am wearing an Inception Shirt 

Today I decided to go for a natural easy look that takes about 5 seconds! We all have crazy mornings or times where we want to look good, but are too lazy or tired to do anything, so this is for you!
Eyes: No eyeshadow today, just mascara! I am obsessed with long lashes so I went back to the L'Oreal voluminous false fiber lashes mascara that I used in 
yesterdays look.
Face: MAC studio fix liquid foundation, Boots No.7 Translucent powder, NARS Orgasm illuminator, and Mellow Mauve blush by e.l.f.
Lips: I used softlips chapstick and NARS Greek Holiday gloss,
which brings me to my review!
I received this as a gift from my Uncle John along with many other wonderful gifts because he is THE BEST! I am a huge fan of neutral shades which is pretty obvious considering I use Myth lipstick by MAC practically every day! As an added bonus Greek Holiday pairs PERFECTLY with Myth, YAY! This gloss goes on wonderfully, its full of hints of sparkle and has a wonderful bronze nude glow. Most high end glosses are a little sticky or tacky, however, Greek Holiday wasn't as sticky as I thought it would be, in fact, when paired with the Softlips chapstick it mixes for a wonderful glide! This will be a new staple in my daily routine! Thanks UJohn, LOVE IT!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Yellow Eyes

Face of the Day
My good friend Kelly requested that I do a look using yellow eyeshadow. It's been popping up more and more on celebs and looks pretty wicked, needless to say I told Kelly I'd give it a whirl and create a post for her.... soooo her ya go Kel!
First, you have to start with a Naked Face! You don't want any old makeup residue under your eyes, on your lids ... ANYWHERE ( not that you ever do, but when working with yellows and other light colors this is mandatory, do an extra wipe down or two)! 
In order to make the yellow really pop on "pale ass people" as Kel likes to call them, I use double or tripple bases. As always, I start out with Urban Decay's Primer Potion to keep the shadow lasting all day. Then I put on a light layer of White Shadow Base by NYX and top it off with Kryolan Aquacolor in white. I highly highly highly recommend Kryolan Aquacolor in white, this is stage makeup so it holds and holds and holds, plus since it's such a bright base it really allows every color you place on top of it to pop! 
I then used the Coastal Scents Smokey Eye Palette and chose the only yellow in the palette. Coastal Scents products have great pigment and are very affordable, whats not to like?! I placed the yellow from the inner corner of my eye to about halfway across my lid and patted and patted until it gave the pop I really wanted. From the outer corner to the middle of my lid I used Junebug by Sugarpill and blended it into the yellow. In the crease I used Magpie by Sugarpill. Sugarpill once again is amazing, great to blend with, easy to apply, long lasting, can't say enough good about the brand, honestly! Below is the final look as well as a list of products I used and in the order of which I used them
Up Close Eyes:
Yellow's can be scary but you can really have some fun with them. Try em out, I recommend pairing with a contrasting color to get an incredible celeb-like pop! Also this is the first time I've used L'Oreal Voluminous False Fiber Lashes Mascara, Kevin's mom got it for me for Christmas and I am in LOVE. Look at those lashes people, they are long and dark and they really do look full and fake without the mess of falsies!
Have a great day!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sugarpill Face!


I just noticed that I've been doing a TON of reviews lately, so here is a good ole face of the day for ya!

Sugarpill is always my go-to, especially for hectic mornings because the product is so great that any look you create looks like you spent hours doing it! I first used St. Tropez bronzing mousse for my face and neck *This stuff makes my life 100% easier, I HATE being pale in the winter*. Then for my eyes I used NYX eyeshadow base, Sugarpills Bulletproof (black), and Sugarpills Starling (blue) to do a funky popping blue look. Of course I used a little bit of liquid liner and Dior mascara as well :)  Here's a better pic of how crazy these colors truly are:
I once again can't recommend this brand enough! I use the loose pigments with saline solution and this really makes a huge difference in hold and color.

I get to go see my family this afternoon, haven't seen my older sister since August- YAY!!
Have a beautiful  weekend!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy Fun Friday! What are you having for Breakfast?

 I have wanted to share this with everyone and cannot believe I haven't done so earlier. This is my super yummy, amazing, energy giving breakfast shake. This shake has been a life changer since I was introduced to it back in October. My hair is thicker and shinier, my nails are stronger than ever, I'm "regular", I don't get so darn dizzy anymore, I'm not hungry at 10:00, its quick to make and I can take it in the car/to work with me so I never forget it, is just wonderful! The shake is called Shakeology, it's made by Beachbody who puts out the P90x videos and my personal favorite INSANITY, as well as a ton of other great DVDs, supplements and programs. I get shakeology in Chocolate which explains the brown color. I drink it with 1/2 cup of chocolate almond milk, 1/2 a banana, a splash of water, 3/4 a scoop of Shakeology powder, and 4-5 ice cubes. The recipe tastes like a delicious chocolate milkshake!! Here is the nutrition information = AWESOME! Notice, only 150 cals and 18 grams of protein... HOLY MOLEY!
It costs about $120 a month but I drink my shake around 9:00 and am full until 2:00. The rest of the day I do some healthy snacking, an orange, apple, strawberries, carrots, any few colorful and delicious things that will hold me over until dinner! Highly recommend just trying this shake for at least a month, cuts down on bloating and I've lost about 8lbs just drinking this! If you are looking for that New Years change, this is it!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sephora Favorites box #5 Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner

Product #5 from the Sephora Favorites box is the Smudge Stick waterproof Eyeliner in Black by Stila. Normally I use a regular black liner pencil by either Sephora, Ulta, or NYC which can be found at Target. I always put it in my bottom lid waterline and throughout the day it will fade off into my lower lashes unless I secure it with powder, which I rarely do. With regular pencil liners I tend to only do the bottom waterline, and will add more black liner to my top lid, but ONLY with liquid liner. I do this because I find that without powdering over pencil liner I get a black smudge over my shadow, and I don't like to powder, I like my line to be bold which is another reason why I opt for liquid liner.

Generally I'll use Stiletto liquid liner or Revlons Liquid liner pen, both in black. I decided to give the Stila pencil a shot at both my top and bottom lids since it was voted an all time favorite and to my surprise I got some great results! The Stila pencil stays longer in my lower waterline instead of running into my lashes by mid-day, something I've NEVER experienced. I liked this because it was nice to look in the mirror at noon and not think to myself "why did I even bother putting liner on today"?! As for the top lid, the liner did leave a slight impression over my shadow but not anywhere near as bad as the normal pencil liners. In fact, all it took was a light dusting of a new coat of color and that took care of the small smudge it made! Overall, this product is Steffani approved :)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Product #4 from the Sephora Favorites box : Orgasm by NARS

Ladies... meet Orgasm. 
Not quite as good as the real thing, but close enough! 

Funny thing is, I wanted to put the NARS powder blush in Orgasm on my amazon wishlist for Christmas, but felt weird about my boyfriends mom seeing it and thinking she needed to go into a store and possibly be directed to the product! Lucky for me she got me this awesome Sephora Favorites box and the Nars illuminator in Orgasm happens to be in it!

I had never tried a liquid illuminator, always worried it would leave my skin looking stained or something. Needless to say, I was wrong. This stuff is wonderful and it gives skin a healthy glow that makes the apples of your cheeks look slightly sunkissed! If you don't dig a little sparkle you should be warned, this product isn't sparkle free like some other illuminators are, but you don't wind up looking like a fairy afterwards either, in fact, I'd say it provides a healthy dose of sparklage! Lasts all day and goes on and blends perfectly, it's a little watery as opposed to creamy or heavy. In my opinion the more watery consistency helps with blending so I actually prefer it! I'm still dying to try the powder blush, I bet the two look phenomenal together!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Product #3 from the Sephora Favorites box : Sin by Urban Decay!

Urban Decay is an obvious favorite of mine, however, I own mostly palettes. Getting a full sized SIN in the Sephora Favorites box was a real treat... especially since I've almost hit pan in Sin in my naked palette! I like it as a base, a highlight, to liven up the corners of my eyes... its just a great color that belongs in every gals collection. It's a soft light brown/goldy color that packs a ton of pigment. As all of UD's shadows it goes on silky smooth. You will love this color- HIGHLY recommend!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Sephora Favorites #2 Smashbox Photo Finish Primer


Love this picture because it explains one of my main focuses of 2012! 
Here are my resolutions, feel free to leave me yours in the comments below!

1. Lose 15lbs
2. Update this blog at LEAST 3x a week
3. Get another tattoo
4. Finish Insanity and become a coach
5. Open an Etsy Shop
6. See more concerts
7. Pay all my debt
8. Go on Vacation
9. Eat better
10. Save from each check
11.Read more books
12. Learn to do more crafts
13. Send letters to my grandparents  :)
14. Go on a shopping spree

Good Luck to all of you with your resolutions! Cheers to a great 2012!

Product #2 out of the Sephora Favorites box is Photo Finish Primer by Smashbox. This lightweight gel smooths over your skin,similar to Hope in a Jar. A little goes a long way and this is reflective in the price as .05 oz goes for about $16! I used this on top of Hope in a Jar and got flawless results, it's called photo finish for a reason people! Your face looks camera ready with one thin layer of this gel. If you have ever used the Bare Escentuals prime time, it has a very comparable constancy and coverage. This gel minimizes pores and evens skin tone. I have been using this for a week and have not experienced any breakouts or clogging however, others with sensitive skin have experienced both.
Happy 2012!!