Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Coastal Scents


I created this green look with the Smokey Eye Palette from Coastal Scents. I really love that palette for many reasons, reason #1 being that it's not full of incredibly dark shadows that you would associate with a smokey palette! It does have great smokey grays and blacks but also features several highly pigmented neons. These shadows DO need a primer, for sure, and they last wonderfully with a hint of Primer Potion by Urban Decay, if you are in need of suggestions. Aside from the Palette, I lined my lids with Wet n' Wild mega liquid liner in 863 Turquoise on the top and Ulta black pencil liner on my bottom waterline. I also used double extend beauty tubes mascara, which I highly recommend. 

Green and Gray were the most commonly used colors, however, I did use a bit of yellow and white   as well. The whole look took about 10 minutes, including MAC foundation and Powder and NYC lipstick in Narcissus! Can't beat that! 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sugarpill Cosmetics


I haven't posted a bright, funky, fun eye design for quite some time so here you go!
I am a huge HUGE fan of Sugarpill. Their eye shadows and loose pigments are awesome and long lasting, not to mention come in colors that are hard to find.

 I used Goldilux, Dollipop and Afterparty to create this look, all colors are about $12 a pop and can be purchased here

 I also used MAC studio fix fluid in NC15 paired with mac mineral loose powder in Light!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Flawless Face

My apologies, it has been way too long since I last posted. Good news is that during that time I have managed to acquire more products to review for you fine folks :)
First up
Clearasil Daily Clear Daily Facial Wash

I have always been able to count on Clearasil, from awful breakouts to tiny red blemishes; they have always done the trick. I was using Clearasil Ultra for a while last summer, but once the winter set in, it was far too drying for my skin. I then switched to Purity, Cetaphil and a few others but none of them have done what Clearasil did for me! The left side of my face decided about a month ago that it was going to breakout, I tried every product under the sun paired with my Clarisonic and nothing worked. Finally, on Monday I tried the new updated formula for Clearasil and TADA! My face is back to normal! Also, it is great at taking makeup off!

Second up
MAC Studio Fix Fluid Spf 15

I freaking love MAC cosmetics. I was on an Avon foundation kick for a while but my skin is way too fussy for many of their foundations. I also tried Revlon Photoready foundation and a Cover Girl foundation, both were nice but didn't hold for as long as I'd like. Studio Fix Fluid has a great consistency, it's not cakey or mud like, but more "fluid" such as the name! It does a great job of covering up uneven skin without leaving a bold mask of color. WARNING: If you decide to try this foundation make the cosmetologist do a color pairing. 2 artists looked at me and said "NW 15, for sure" ... I purchased, wore for a while and then noticed I was looking a little too tan... luckily I didn't have the dreaded line. Let me tell you, there is a BIG difference between the NW15 and the NC15 that I was given when I went back for a color pairing!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

------> Straight as an arrow, Clean as a whistle ------>

Remington T Studio 2" Ceramic Pearl 
Pro Wide Flat Iron

 This iron was meant for me. I saw it this morning at Kohl's where it was being sold for $50. I usually use a Chi which is upwards of $100, so I couldn't justify spending $50 on an iron that wasn't mean for salons. My hair is getting longer and the only reason I've been considering a new straightener is because I'd like one with wider plates. I have kinky curly hair that needs powerful heat to flatten so I couldn't really risk spending that much money. I placed it back on the shelf and left to go to target, where this baby was on sale for $30! That's more like it! I googled it to see reviews and to make sure it wouldn't be a total waste of money. To my delight it had received 4 stars and up, in the basket it went. I just used it and it took half the time as my 1" straightener, plus it took about 15 seconds to heat up! It's lightweight and has an auto turn off feature, which is great for flighty people like me! I give this baby 2 thumbs up!

Cetaphil is another new found love. My face began breaking out about a month after I started using Purity by Philosophy. Could have been my diet, or the fact that its been humid and sticky lately, but I decided to give this stuff a go after reading such great reviews. I use it with my Clarisonic and it does a great job of getting all the makeup residue off of my face and leaves it feeling clean. Usually soaps for  "normal to oily skin" are super drying and leave me searching for my moisturizer as soon as I get out of the shower, not the case with this stuff! I recommend if you are a looking for a new face wash.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Update on Clarisonic

Clarisonic Mia 2 

It officially has been four months since I got my Clarisonic Mia 2. I have used it every stinkin day, in fact, I can't get out of the shower without using it because my face just doesn't quite feel clean enough without it! Aside from it doing a great job of exfoliating and cleaning, it has drastically changed the size of my pores. I have HUGE pores on cheeks and nose. Its gross and terrible when you are a makeup lover because everything looks cakey since throughout the day your makeup is seeping into your huge pool like pores, creating lines and unevenness... but I digress. I am also pleased with the battery life, it charges overnight and last nearly the entire month!! If your skin breaks out, is uneven in color, is dry, is oily, if you have big pores, if face wash just isn't doing it for ya... GET ONE OF THESE! Yes, it is pricey (about $119), but I will never stop using this product. Don't fall for the Dermanew system or any of the other "microdermabrasion" at home systems, this little beaut is all you need! Also as a plus, it comes in lots of great color options!

Monday, April 16, 2012

New Love

Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24h Foundation
I got a sample of this foundation in this months Cosmo and decided to give it a whirl! The color I had was #310 Bisque C, a little bit darker than my natural color, but will work perfectly in the next few months when I start to get a little bit tanner. This is a full coverage foundation that has lasted me 8 hours + so far without fade. I have naturally oily skin so generally my foundation is gone by 11am or so (so annoying). This does have a bit of shine to it, but it is easily tamed by a bit of translucent powder. I love the coverage, ever since I stopped taking birth control my skin tone has been uneven on my face ( which, by the way, has been the only bad thing about quitting the pill). This fixes my uneven tone and doesn't seem to require nearly as many touch ups as my current foundation. The price per bottle is about $44 which is a small fortune, but the pro's are that it will last longer since you wont be touching up your face throughout the day, AND it does have 15 SPF, and sunscreen is NOT cheap either, so it's a 2 for 1 in my book! I give it a huge thumbs up. Below is a picture of how it looked on my skin ... I totally need lipstick, my lips are blending in with my face, enjoy :)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Lipstick Love!

Avon Lipstick Haul

#1 Beyond Color Plumping lip Color SPF 15 with double the retinol
Color: Uptown Pink

Pictured below with flash to show the great coverage and pigmentation
Pictured below without flash, you can see it is much darker!

#2 Healthy makeup Lipstick SPF 15
Color: Pink Light

#3 Shine Attract Lipstick 
Color: Wrapped in Raisin

#1 Beyond Lipcolor lipstick has intense coverage, its thick, pigmented and long lasting. I will be purchasing more colors as they really seem to pop! Plus I love that they have 
SPF and are almost always on sale! 
#2 Healthy Makeup Lipstick was the first Healthy Makeup product I have used and I was impressed. I'm sure the ingredients are different to make them "healthy" but it felt about the same as the #1 color and had the same amount of SPF. The coverage was lighter but so was
 the color and it was a bit glossier. I like!
#3 Shine Attract Lipstick: I was attracted to this because of the idea behind having a 2 in 1 gloss lipstick. There are several lip colors that come with a gloss that you put on 2nd, but this is the first combination lipstick I have seen that really LOOKS like 1/2 gloss and 1/2 color. Being that it is a glossy color and that I got a neutral tone, I can't comment much on the coverage. To really test it out I'll have to buy a more prominent color. I did like the glide of the stick but I don't feel like it's particularly long lasting, maybe just a quick fix to a dull looking pout!  

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Curl Boost!

Garnier Curl Calm Down
Anti-Frizz Cream

YOU MUST TRY THIS!! I found this new Garnier Fructis product on sale at Target last night and decided to give it a whirl. I'm always up for trying anything that claims to keep my curls soft and poof free without weighing them down. This morning I showered and towel dried, put a squirt of Frizz Ease hair serum by John Frieda through the ends of my hair and followed it with Garnier Fructis Curl Calm down, distributed from root to ends. The volume and definition this cream has given my hair is unbelievable. It isn't ratty, sticky, or gel like, just fluffy, frizz less and actually quite pretty! I am a huge fan and will continue purchasing, on a day like today where the humidity is 86% I have faith that my hair will be the least of my worries all day! Give this stuff a try, its about $4.99 and I'm sure can be found just about anywhere!
What do you use for unmanageable curls?!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Welcome Back Humidity

When Humidity Attacks
Spring has arrived, and with that comes the "showers to bring May flowers"...BOO! 
I love Spring evenings, however am a way bigger fan of Fall ... this might be because Kevin wakes up almost every morning stuffy from March - October! Any who, back to my point, Spring = Frizzy, Poofy, Frowy (is this a word), Impossibly Stupid HAIR! I have naturally wavy/ curly hair and have only recently ( in the last few years) figured out how to manage it. That being said, I feel it is my duty to share with all you guys and gals with the same problem, my favorite de-frowing fixes! 

First up: Herbal Essence Long Term Relationship - Leave-In Split End Protector for Long Hair
This stuff is great because it not only helps make your ends ( which tend to frizz the most) smoother and more manageable, it also protects your hair, so if you are ironing or drying it, this product allows your hair to come out silky looking instead of fried! I find that with a little bit of this product my hair is less likely to frizz as the day goes on. It also isn't a heavy leave-in formula which is great if your hair is cut with layers that need styling. It runs about $5 and can be tricky to find- I've only seen it at Target and Walmart. 

Second Up: Aussie Sprunch Spray
 This product allows you to embrace your waves & curls by scrunching or "sprunching" your hair. It has a great wild grape smell to it and isn't completely sticky like hair spray but allows your tresses to stick together nicely. This is ideal to use when you are in a hurry or just have an inkling that your hair simply is NOT going to cooperate today! It runs about $5 and can be found just about anywhere!

Third up: Avon Advance Techniques Frizz Control Lotus Shield

This is a relatively new product to me but I have used this several times and found that it not only helps my hair to dry quicker, but the serum makes is 100x easier to style since my hair behaves right off the bat! This is what I will be swearing by this Spring, however, its a little pricier than the others at $8-$12 per bottle and can only be purchased through an Avon Rep. It's definitely worth it if you are hoping for a magnificent hair day and don't mind spending the few extra bucks, otherwise I'd suggest using the other two products to save styling time and  money. This stuff truly does allow you to have a salon like blowout, love it!

Do you have curly hair or hair that loathes humidity?! Do you live in a humid state?! What are your humid hair go-to's??

Friday, March 16, 2012

Avon Eye Cream!

Avon Genics Eye Treatment
I have just become an Avon Rep and upon signing up I received a few of these ANEW GENICS Eye Treatment samples. I have never really been a face cream person, I'm too flighty to remember to apply this stuff at night and during the day. Plus, I never really have looked at my eyes and thought " man if only my lids were more firm".  I don't have a specific regimine, I just like to moisturize with whatever new products I've picked up. I'm 23 and my eyes don't sag or hang or wrinkle, but I admit having dark circles and the early signs of crowsfeet. After only two days of using this stuff I've noticed a huge difference. The circles that I have are completely gone, and what mild form of crowsfeet I did have has completley smoothed out. The cream is rich and silky and has helped the application of my liquid foundation and the cocealer (erase paste) that I used to hide my dark circles... I wont be needing the concealer for my eyes any longer! The Genics is only $32 I believe, and if you buy the face treatment its only $20 when purchased together. Can't beat that! I have also been using their face wash and body lotions and they are surprisingly awesome! Do you use any type of facial cream or have a daily regimine?!

Monday, March 12, 2012


Melissa is the winner of my 100 Followers Giveaway which included my favorite products ever!!

Complete List:
Bath and Body Works: Coconut Lotion
Philosophy: Happy Birthday Liquid Soap
Wet n Wild: Wild Shine nail polish in Black
OPI: Pink Friday Nicki Minaj Collection
Organix: Coconut Milk and Hibiscus facial cleanser
Sally Hansen: Salon Effects
Wet n' Wild: - 3 Shadow Palette and 1 single shadow
Urban Decay: Primer Potion
Eco Brushes: Eye set
Orly: Blue Polish
Ulta: Black Kohl liner
L'Oreal: Double Extend Beauty Tubes mascara
Dove: Damage Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner

Thank you to everyone who participated and has shared my blog with friends! 
Next Giveaway will be when I reach 200 followers :)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Award Night Makeup!

I have a cocktail event tomorrow evening for work and decided to play around with my makeup options today while I had time! I started off with Smashbox Photo Finish as a base for my face and Primer Potion on my eyes. Without a primer for these two areas you almost guarantee that your makeup wont last more than a few hours. I always do my eye makeup before I work on the rest of my face, that way I can cover up any fallout from application with my foundation.
Kryolan aqua color:White
Sugarpill loose shadow: Tiara
Sugarpill loose shadow: Stella
Sugarpill pressed shadow: Bulletproof
Stella: Smudge stick black liner
Maybelline: False Fiber Lashes

My face has Laura Mercer Foundation, Benefit's Erase Paste & Mellow Mauve blush by e.l.f. 

Tomorrow I think I will definitely do this look, and finish it with "All Nighter" which is an awesome holding spray by Urban Decay!

Don't forget to enter my 100 Followers Contest!! IT ENDS FRIDAY PEOPLE!!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I just saw these and have already decided I will be purchasing ALL of the colors!! It reminds me of the OPI French Inspired line that came out last year, which I was OBSESSED with! I love grays, silvers, mauve browns, anything earthy and these colors look right up my ally! I will update you with pictures as soon as I can get my hands on them. Do you have a favorite China Glaze inspired line?

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Another FOTD! I'm on a roll!

This look is mostly Avon. My rep gave me this quad (I believe it's the True Color Eyeshadow Quad in Vibrant Spice) that she hated because the colors weren't pigmented enough. I love that she is honest with me about products she loves and hates, saves me money and keeps me coming back! I decided once I had the quad to see if I could work some magic with it. My findings were that the quad, which consisted of metallic baked looking shadows, needed a definite primer base. It surprises me how many people don't use a primer, it literally is the first step to my beauty routine, otherwise I'd be in front of the mirror all day touching up creased shadow and runny liner. YUCK. The colors are holding well with the primer, but truthfully they just aren't strong colors. They are nice for a neutral look, but don't turn out looking anywhere near as promising as the colors seem like they should. The other Avon products I used were the waterproof eyeliner, which I love, and nude blush lipstick! I have the liner on my top lash line and my bottom waterline. The lipstick is very creamy and I can't wait to try other colors! My hair has Avon in it as well, their Lotus Frizz Free Serum which I am really liking. It has a tendency to not let my hair have the blow out I desire, but it keeps the frizz tamed and smells lovely so I can't complain! Other products I am wearing include: L'Oreal double extend beauty tubes mascara and Cover Girl face powder.

Here is a closer look:

Monday, February 27, 2012


I have conjured up 100 Followers! Thank you all for staying tuned as I post random weekly favorites, Face of the Days, tips and more! I am so appreciative of all the comments and feedback that I have gotten over the past few months from everyone, so thanks for helping me make this more comprehensive, fun, and exciting!

So if you can't tell from  the banner... this post is to announce my GIVEAWAY! Who doesn't love a good giveaway?! Personally I love them, you get to try new products that someone recommends using, for FREE!
SoOo here is what you have to do :
 1. Post a link to my blog on your page & ask friends to follow if they love beauty, makeup, and fun!
2. Tell me what you would like me to keep blogging about 
( reviews, FOTD, favorites, etc)
3. Tell me your favorite beauty blog & why! (I'd love to follow them)
The prize pack will include anything from my favorite hair products to makeup products & polishes!! 

Just a few Brands to expect: 
Dove ( Especially the products I just reviewed)
Eco Brushes
Wet n' Wild

The prize pack will include my favorite products to use from the start of the day to the very end!!
The contest begins now and will end on Friday March 9th at 12:00pm Eastern Time. The winner will be announced on Sunday March 11th!!
Thanks again everyone, you all are the best followers in the world!

  1. Must be a legal resident of the United States! ( Sorry to all my readers in other countries, there is just too much liability involved with giveaway laws in other countries. You'd be surprised! I do value your support and I am glad to have you following)
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  3. The promotion ends at 12 am EST time on March 9th, 2012.  Contest administrator's computer is official time keeper.
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Friday, February 24, 2012

FOTD... Finally!!

I'm Alive & Back in Action!! After nearly a month of battling bronchitis, not having a computer & being a new mom (to a puppy, don't worry) I have finally managed to have a face of the day that I'm happy with!
  A few key products were part of making this face "FOTD" worthy : Smashbox PhotoFinish Primer, Coastal Scents Fall Festive palette, and Dove hair products - both shampoo and volume mousse! Here is a closer picture of my eyes, I really love that palette!
Also, I love this shirt which I got at Target for a whole $10.33! Here is a better shot, I promise there is an "E" at the end, but it looks like my armpit has decided to eat it... nom nom nom...
In other news I will be reviewing Maybelline's new Tattoo Cream Eyeshadow, Avon eyeliner, Green Tea face wash, and more. I also want to write about why drinking Green Tea is amazing for you & about an article I read in Cosmo this month about Birth Control containing hormones that cause you to be attracted to people who, without hormone overload you probably wouldn't be! I have been Birth Control Free for going on 3 years and could not agree more, once I got off of the patch & pill I was a completely different person and realized that I had been slightly mental for the 5 years or so that I was on it (sorry ex boyfriends)!! The article goes on to suggest that people should go off of their birth control before marrying or moving in because down the line, if you were ever to decide to go off, you might not like the person you are stuck with! Very interesting stuff! Only con of being off birth control for me is that my bad skin came back...womp!
Until tomorrow...

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bronchitis blues!

Hi guys! Just wanted to give you a heads up that I have bronchitis :( So sorry I've been away all week, I promise some great face of the days and step by step eye looks when my face is ready to carpe diem again! XOXO

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Coming soon... a GIVEAWAY!!

Shortly I will have 100 followers * YAY * so, as promised, 
I will be doing a giveaway!

1. Post a link to my blog on your page & ask friends to follow if they love beauty, makeup, and fun !
2. Tell me what you would like me to keep blogging about 
( reviews, FOTD, favorites, etc)
3. Tell me your favorite beauty blog & why! (I'd love to follow them)

The prize pack will include anything from my favorite hair products to makeup products & polishes!! 

Just a few things to expect: 
Dove Shampoo & Conditioner (I just reviewed)
OPI polish
Eco Brushes
My favorite shadows 
More, more, more!! 

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Dove Shampoo!

Dove Damage Therapy Daily Moisture Shampoo 

This shampoo is my new favorite! I previously used Mane & Tail, Bed Head,  Herbal Essences, Chi, Big Sexy Hair, Suave, Pantene Pro-V,  etc. So I clearly have used products from each end of the spectrum. Dove products have always been favorites of mine, but it wasn't until I used this shampoo-conditioner combo that I was truly hooked. I honestly don't know if I will try another shampoo again! 

I have what I like to call "seasonal" hair. Its great during the winter, but as soon as an ounce of humidity gets back in the air, my hair is just a wild mess. For my dry winter hair, this has brought back some shine, some volume and best of all some shape. Since the combo is so light it allows me to shape my hair and have it last all day without more than a few squirts of hairspray! Also, it smells fantastic and creates a thick lather while your washing up. Shampoos without a thick lather don't excite me, it makes me feel like its not going to work, and most times that's how I know its not going to be a good fit for my hair type. For any of you out there looking for a new shampoo, please don't pass up this fantastic option. You won't be sorry!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Erase Paste & Jennifer Aniston Perfume !

Below are pictures of Erase Paste used only on one side of my face! 
The difference is ridiculous!

 This stuff is genius, as is the name! Erase paste is just what it sounds like, a paste that erases things! It's a thick brightening concealer that, I shit you not, could probably cover up my tattoos. It's mostly used to smooth laugh lines and make under-eye bags disappear. I had seen a few reviews about it and just thought "it's another concealer, big whoop" but while wondering around Sephora today I decided to give it a whirl. I tried Shade #1 of 3, they range from fair #1, medium #2 to deep #3. I would usually say that my skin is "medium" however, after opening the jar of fair, I noticed that it was a lot darker than most fair concealers. I smudged a bit on my palm, rubbed in a spot  and it covered a freckle completely...then started to realize that this stuff was no joke! I tried some under my eyes which already had my MAC foundation on, and I'll be darned, I noticed a huge difference! I was sold right there simply because I think my studio fix provides amazing coverage and I had never seen such a difference with any other product. I have broken capillaries in my nose so my nose is always red, and I have deep eyes and tend to get bags so I knew this would be a good buy. Plus, you actually get a good amount of product and the price isn't too bad, about $27!

First of all, let me start by saying Jennifer Aniston is an absolute babe, I just love everything about her! I planned on grabbing a bottle of Flowerbomb today from Sephora, which was why I headed there to begin with, however, since last March the price for the 3.4oz bottle has gone from $75 to $150, to which I say, ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!?!? I love the smell of Flowerbomb, I really do, and on top of it smelling like heaven, it covers up every smell that you don't want anyone smelling. I use to spray it in my car, on my coats, anywhere! It covers up the smell of dog, smoke, campfire, anything and everything, it was like an instant mask of flowers! So anyway, I go to the store, spray Flowerbomb on me and then realize that I like the smell a lot, but the price is a little insane. Also, you ever smell something and have flashbacks? That's kind of what happened. For some reason the smell of college drama just punched me in the face. Needless to say, the lovely ladies at Sephora helped me find Jennifer Anistons perfume. It's beachy and light with notes of citrus grove accord, rose water, jasmine, violet, amazon lily, musk, amber and sandalwood. After one spray I knew I could wear this every day! It smells warm and makes me feel calm and happy. The best part is, the biggest bottle is 2.9 oz and is only $70! What's your favorite perfume?!