Saturday, December 3, 2011

Urban Decay Cream Shadow


A few weeks ago Urban Decay had a huge Sale on these bad boys! $3 a pop and tons of colors to pick from. I purchased several different colors ranging from neutrals to neon's (ok maybe not neon but close) and found that they work best as a base. They are a little difficult to use, the wand will get the product on your lids but you need to use your finger to blend a bit. I used this first on top of Primer Potion and while using as a base I can say that it really provides great hold and lovely undertones for any eyeshadow. I would recommend this for a long night out since it extends the hold that just Primer Potion provides.

Naked Palette 2 was put on shelves earlier this week and I can't wait to get my hands on it! Urban Decay has always provided great products for both night and day, I'm pleased that even the products on sale for $3 still have the same value as their more expensive items!

Happy Beautifying

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