Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Favorite Product Ever #2

Urban Decay 
Primer Potion

This stuff is truly amazing, I don't skip a day of wearing it EVER! Urban Decay has a ton of super great products that are made for makeup longevity. For special occasions I pair Primer Potion with my favorite eyeshadow combo and then spritz All Nighter, Urban's16 hour makeup hold spray on top! Primer Potion sets a smooth layer for a look that will last all day with no creases. It works well with all shadows both wet and dry and  is easily removed. It cost anywhere between $15- $22 depending on where you can find it but it is worth every penny and lasts a very long time. I recommend this to anyone who works 8+ hour days and is in front of people as it keeps your makeup looking fresh all day. I also recommend this to anyone who is a fan of using bright colors, such as myself. This primer really keeps pigment in place perfectly!

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