Monday, December 19, 2011

Coastal Scents + Beeswax Softlips Lip Conditioner Review


First up: Coastal Scents Smokey Eye Palette! 

L'Image ( for your referencing pleasure) :
 This is the 36 color Smokey Eye Palette! When you think of "smokey" eye colors you don't really think of the bright green, yellow, pinks and orange bronze colors that are apparent in this palette, which is something that makes this quite unique. The look I chose to do today features greys, blacks, and then the bright turquoise color (the one right under the yellow) in the crease to give it a little pop. I used primer potion first in order to get all day hold and sure enough....5 hours later, my shadow looks just the same as it did when I put it on! Here is what the outcome was: 

So far the colors have held up very well. You can see the colors are pretty strongly pigmented and they don't have sparkles in them which I love. I got this palette on extreme sale and can't wait until their next sale, I will without a doubt be buying more!

Second Up: Beeswax Softlips Chapstick

Last week I realized that I was completely out of every lovely chapstick that I owned so I made a trip over to Harris Teeter where they had Burts Bees ( which I absolutely loveeee) and Beeswax Softlips Chapstick for the same price. I'm all for experimenting with new products, especially for blogging purposes so I figured I'd give the Softlips a try, after all I am a HUGE fan of their regular chapstick. 

People, I am not joking when I say that applying this chapstick was like rubbing an almost dry glue stick along my lips. The chapstick didn't glide on nicely like regular Softlips Chapstick, instead it was sticky and pulled my lips ( OUCH). My first thought was that it was dry on top, like a glue stick gets when you leave the cap off for a bit, so I tried rubbing it on the top of my hand to see if maybe the application got a little better. NOPE. Sure didn't. I have since thrown the chapstick out. I went to whole foods on my way home that day and picked up my trusty Burt's Bees as well as a Pineapple chapstick by Alba which is fantastic and might be my new favorite! Tastes yummy, lasts a long time and is Organic :)

My boyfriend got me this shirt at Forever 21, some of the proceeds go to finding doggies homes! As a Beagle rescue momma I immediately fell in love with the whole concept. It says " IN SEARCH OF A BFF " ( heartbreaks), if you know any animal lovers these shirts make a great present and they have several different breeds! Thats all for today folks! Happy Holidays, time for me to get back to present wrapping!!

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  1. WAIT. Wait. WaitWaitWait. A DEWEY SWEATSHIRT?!?!? I die.