Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Dermanew Acne & Oil Clarifying System

Skin Care Time!!!

Being the budget savvy gal that I am, and after reading many many reviews of Clarisonic and Dermanew products I decided to just try out Dermanew's Acne & Oil Clarifying System. Kandee Johnson recommends this product and shes got killer skin so I figured I'd give it a whirl before I made the $200+ investment in a Clarisonic. I ordered it from which Kandee recommends ordering from.


FOLKS... I am NOT kidding you when I say that I waited over a MONTH to get this bad boy. Quite frankly sucks. I will never ever ever ever order another thing from that site again. I ordered the system which was $60 on sale and paid $11 to have two day express shipping totaling $71.00. I ordered the product on Thursday and by the next Wednesday I still had no tracking number and decided to call the customer service number. I talked to a rude lady who told me that the product is listed as "out of stock" on the site, which it was not, and then told me she didn't know when she'd get it back in so I'd have to "deal with it". This then prompted me to do a little research on good ol' which turned up all sorts of customer complaints: people who had received used products, people who had been waiting for months for their product, people who waited for over a month and were sent the WRONG product and then had to wait again, etc. This screamed NIGHTMARE to me and I decided to email in and tell them about my experience with the rude lady on the phone. They didn't seem too apologetic but did tell me they would refund me for the shipping, since I asked to be reimbursed since I wasn't getting anything within the two days that I paid for.  Otherwise I don't think they would have offered to pay me back. It has been a month and four days and I received my package yesterday. It came with a "free gift" which was a large 16 oz bottle of Dermanew Facial Cleanser which was opened and leaking all over, luckily they had the common sense to put a plastic baggy over the spout in case it did burst open. The Dermanew product was perfectly fine though which is all I really cared about!

Dermanew Acne & Oil Clarifying System

The package comes with a bullet shaped vibrating piece ( don't even go there hahaha) that you can attach two separate scrubbers to, one has bristles and the other looks like a smooth sponge. The power button controls the vibrating and will vibrate for two minutes if you press it once, and will continue vibrating for however long you'd like if you press it twice. The intense vibrations allow for soaps and scrubs to be scrubbed into the pores giving them a great deep cleaning. The microdermebrasion cream that comes with the package is a very rough texture, you place a dot on both cheeks, on your forehead, on your chin and on your nose and then scrub in an upward circular motion, then rinse.

Aftewards my skin felt a little better and I could certainly see where I had pimples forming, but it wasn't really as AH-MAZING as I thought. This morning I woke up and felt my face and it felt awesomeeeee!! This was what I was hoping for! I used it again this morning in the shower and my skin is smooth and glowing. I live in Maryland so the weather is getting a little colder, causing my skin to be a little drier. This product smooths the dead/ dry skin right off and allowed me to apply flawless foundation this morning!

Since I've only used it for one day I can't say for sure if the product makes me breakout or if it really works, but I will say that I'm pleased with my results thus far. I'll keep you updated as I continue to use it!

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