Monday, November 21, 2011

Coastal Scents Review!

Fall Festival & Smokey Eye Palette Reviews
I've seen a lot of people use Coastal Scents but it's not really a product that you hear mentioned with MAC or Urban Decay or the like. Coastal Scents is known best for their 88 Original Palette featuring a rainbow of colors. After seeing this featured in a ton of other blog and all over MakeupBee I decided I needed to see what all the hype was about! I went to the site and learned that the are having a 40% off sale from now until the 24th. I spent about $30 on two palettes and a translucent powder so right off the bat I was a very happy shopper! The two palettes I chose were the "Fall Festival" and "Smokey Eye" both of which feature extremely pigmented beautiful colors!


The Smokey Eye palette has six different color groups to pick from ranging from neutral to neon colors so you can create a look for every occasion! The colors are very highly pigmented and shimmery, which I always love as a combo. Even the lighter colors that don't swatch very well stay on great and show up a lot better with a primer! This palette will without a doubt be getting a lot of use from me!

This Palette has colors that are a lot larger than the smokey eye palette, this is because the Fall Festive palette is part of the Hot Pot Palette collection. Each color can be repurchased and replaced if you run out of it. Often times the base color is used up before the crease or highlight color, so the ease of replacement option is great! I'm loving this as well and all the colors I have purchased are rich and even though I haven't used each of them yet but I can tell they will hold perfectly with any primer!

The powder I mentioned before  has worked pretty well. I've only used it a few times and mainly it's used because I have gross oily skin, the powder just sucks it all up without applying color which I love! Nothing bad to say about it so far, but if something comes up I'll let ya know!

There is still a few more days left on the sale and honestly, I might make another purchase. After all the researching I did on them it seems like 40% off is one of the best sales they have all year!

Application pictures to come later on this week during my four day weekenddddddd!!

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