Thursday, October 13, 2011

Quick fixes for looking scary when you wake up!

SoOoOo-I find that more often times then not, I wake up looking a mess (sorry boyfriend). Over the past few years I've gathered some quick fix tips and if you are anything like me and think you look like Medusa when you wake up, these tips might come in handy!

This is exactly what I look like when I wake up!

 #1 Baby Powder = Magic Powder
After a full day of having straight hair I go to sleep and without fail, wake up looking like Medusa. My hair instantly curls when I go to sleep, it's a curse! I wake up with crazy curls with oil on the crown of my head, I assume a lot of this is from product build up.... I know I know, don't get so excited, this sounds extremely sexy. Anyway- quick fix to the oil from product build up and natural oils is to sprinkle some baby powder on your hair and shake shake shake- get it down in your roots and you will instantly notice that greasy look is GONE!! This isn't just a great fix for the morning, its a great product to have on hand if your don't want to wash your hair, but don't want it to look dirty. Johnson's Baby Powder is my powder of choice but there is also "dry shampoo" which is basically spray powder and something I will blog about later on when I've tried a few more products out there. Anywho - Powder sucks up oil like a freakin' vacuum...I  LOVE.LOVE.LOVE powder... baby powder, face powder, foot powder (OK, maybe that one is a little extreme) !!

#2 Hair Ties
Put that mess UP! Weather your hair goes flat when you sleep, or goes crazy like mine, putting it up fixes everything. Low ponytail, messy bun, whatever your style may be, putting it up will make you look a little more put together. The Ouchless brand is great, they don't pull on your hair and come in thick and thin bands!

#3 Bobby Pins
If you have short hair, or annoying bangs such as myself, bobby pins become your best friend- even if you DON'T have bedhead! Twist your bangs back, take a piece from either side and pin them back, heck... do the Snookie ( just maybe not as extreme) any way you use them  they will make whatever look your going for look more polished, especially because bobby pins are great at taming those lovely flyaways.

Now obviously I don't use these techniques every day, just mostly on the weekends or on days off. But feeling good about yourself when you first wake up will help you start your day off happier and less stressful. I also always have chapstick handy because there is nothing worse than waking up and realizing your lips are cracked since you left the fan on all night!

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