Sunday, October 2, 2011


I have a problem with purchasing any new mascara that I see in Cosmo or People. I'm an ad nut which is why I majored in advertising in college, 
but I digress. 

It seems like every other week Maybelline or L'Oreal has a new magical mascara they are promoting. Mascara that makes your eyes look bigger, your eye color pop, your lashes look as long and full as fake ones, whatever the case may be, I am TOTALLY up for trying! 

That being said I bring to you THREE reviews today of my all time favorite mascaras! 

They are ranked from least favorite to most favorite

Drum roll please...

#3 DIORSHOW By Dior 

This mascara is great for a few reasons. No.1 being the applicator. The applicator is thick and bushy which helps your lashes have a natural look instead of a clumped together look. No.2 Diorshow gives you a really classic look, it didn't particularly lengthen or volumize, instead it gave my eyes a dramatic, dark look- very Holly Golightly in my opinion! No.3 It lasted all day and didn't flake or crumble mid-day.
Price: $24.50 @ Sephora

#2 Maybelline Intense XXL Volume Waterproof Mascara
 Note: Not Exact Picture- Couldn't find the waterproof product
This was the first double sided mascara I had the pleasure of using. It claims to give you 7x the volume of your normal lashes and honestly, it does. The concept is simple- one side is a white microfiber basecoat, the other is mascara. The basecoat builds the length and volume of your lashes, in order to achieve your maximum length you may have to repeat the two steps back to back. It is also really important to apply the mascara BEFORE the white basecoat is dry. I chose the waterproof version simply because when I laugh I cry and I make a habit of laughing quite a bit, therefore, to prevent raccoon eyes I usually go for waterproof products! I love this stuff- it gives you a great whispy look, lasts all day long, 
and  is just wonderful for the cost. 
Price: $7.99 @ Ulta

#1 L'Oreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes Mascara
I didn't know about this product until about a month ago when I heard Kandee Johnson raving about it. 
She uses tons of great MAC products etc so I thought "If she is doing a video about this stuff it must be worth it" - needless to say the next day I went and scooped up a tube and boy was she right. I LOVE this stuff for many many many reasons. No1 being that I don't even NEED the waterproof kind- Why? You may ask, Because this stuff only comes off with warm water ... GENIUS!! With any type of normal mascara you usually have to use some type of makeup remover after washing your face, just to get under your eyes where you tend to get the dreaded mascara drip. With this stuff you will never have to use makeup remover again! It is almost scary how easily this stuff just washes off. The tubes just pop right off in a warm washcloth and that's that! This stuff also goes on very smooth, and lasts all day. The consistency of the tubes is kind of plastic or silicone so it doesn't flake at all!! It is double sided like the Mabelline mascara and gives your lashes volume and lengthens. I have been wearing it every day and this is probably going to be my go-to from  now on!
Price: $ 9.99 @ Ulta

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