Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Sally Hansen Salon Effects

I've seen them the past few months but figured they were complicated or didn't last long or were just plain expensive. NONE of that is the case. Today I gave in and decided to give them a whirl. At about $10 I was a bit hesitant buttttt good ol' CVS was having a sale : Buy one Sally Hansen product get one half off! So I went for the color Teal with it, which is a lovely teal blue color as pictures above.

This kit could NOT be any easier. Seriously, it includes everything...a cuticle pusher and a file which you really don't even need... they just help in case you haven't taken care of your nails in awhile! You first fit the strips of color to each nail. Note: they provide several sizes which is amazing. Then you just peel and place the color strip over your nail and smooth down pressing first in the middle of your nail to prevent any bubbling. depending on how hard you push and how wide your nail beds are you could just tear off the excess color, otherwise you can file it right off!! Below is the outcome.. no mess, no polish remover, no polish smell... just peeling and placing... I'm eager to see if i can use a nail pen on top to create designs as well as to see how long they go without chipping.

Easy and Awesome! I will be doing more! 

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