Saturday, October 22, 2011

Flirt! Review #2!

I promised more so here they are... more Flirt! Cosmetics reviews!!

Recently I did a review on a new found brand, Flirt! which is made by Estee Lauder & only sold at Kohls department stores. I loved the rich pigments of Chocoholic #39 
(a dark brown) and Golden Lady #38 (a medium gold) so I had to try more!

My most recent purchase was for another eye shadow in Gold Envy which is a super light gold vanilla color. It has shimmer but not sparkle and acts works perfectly as a highlight! 

  I also purchased a nice Fall blush which is called Popsie #10. Popsie is a deep rose color without sparkle and has a nice highlight/dew-like glow.

Here is a look I came up with using all of the Flirt! products that I own. The colors are all wonderful and honestly the pigment of each gold I have tried is the most comparable thing to Sugarpills Goldilux luster I have been able to find. 



  1. i've never really paid attention to this brand before, but your swatches look so pretty!

  2. Thanks, Neither had I. I was shopping at Kohls to get some new shoes ( they have some pretty awesome sales) and I noticed they carried makeup! I did a little bit of research and found out FLIRT! is an Estee Lauder co. so I figured I'd try it out. I use at least one product from FLIRT! every day and it's usually the blush! LOVE IT!